You’ve Been Served A Plateful of Web Linkage Cuisine

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You’ve Been Served A Plateful of Web Linkage Cuisine

Holyrood PR Blog
Dailymail bright lights of Broadway

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When I went to New York for my 21st birthday it was one of the best experiences of my life. I remember looking out the window as the plane started on its descent to Newark and simply being astounded by the sky scrapers below. The view was spectacular- the statue of liberty, the empire state and the Chrysler building were all staring up at me and the fact that they didn’t seem far away was amazing. This picture in the Daily Mail I think shows New York in all its glory. The fact that the island is clearly visible with all its bright lights from 200 miles above earth really shows how fabulous the Big Apple really is! I heart NYC.


It is a well known fact that the Chinese are the world’s leading counterfeiters who will copy just about anything with some of the results being rather funny.
Although I had no idea that the industry stretched to producing fake cars until a feature on last night’s episode of Top Gear.
The Chinese are shamelessly copying cars including Rolls Royces, Mercedes, BMW, Mini, SmartCar and even relatively cheap Hyundais.  The likeness is uncanny in some models, save for the slightly adapted badges.
For the equivalent of about £6000 you can be the proud owner of a ‘Geely Marie 300’ which is a Mercedes C Class knock off or a Rolls Royce Phantom lookalike which bizarrely costs only £20000 less than the real deal.


Remembering the countless news articles on Siri iPhone’s voice recognition technology, when I came across this parody video on Youtube – I had to laugh! The video which has had over 208,000 views since it was uploaded four days ago shows a man with a broad Scottish dialect asking for a place for a Jamie dodger and chip butty getting really frustrated when Siri fails to understand him. He tries several times with no luck and in the end throws the phone through a window. Not too sure where the video came from but its pretty funny and definitely worth a watch!


Now that the inevitable Facebook stock market flotation has been confirmed, the buzz about the story has shifted focus on to the people who stand to make mind-bogglingly massive fortunes. They include founder Mark Zuckerberg’s dentist dad, who provided cash for the fledgling Facebook and in return was granted shares that are now worth $60 million.
However, my favourite story so far is about the up and coming street artist, who graffiti-ed the walls of Facebook’s offices in 2005. Rather than take a cash payment, he agreed to accept shares. They are now worth $200 million.

The Next Andy Murray? (Lewis)

We all know that in sports it seems to be the younger generation are becoming the more dominant athletes. Footballers are being outclassed by some players 10 years younger. It can also be seen in tennis with our own Andy Murray still under the age of 26 but we can only imagine that he will no doubt have some competition in a few years. One to look our for in the future could be this baby when he grows up. Sitting perched on a ping pong table this dynamic diaper wearer returns shot after shot to his coach (dad). Could this be a future star or just lucky shots? You decide.