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by Ross Stebbing

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Removing the international air of mystery from global PR campaigns

Scottish PR agency Holyrood PR in Edinburgh explains the power of international PR campaignsCHANCES are your business has got a story worth sharing – in fact it may even be so interesting or relevant that it’s worth sharing globally.

Now what?

It’s unlikely that your contact file is bulging with numbers and email addresses for influential media movers and shakers in Australia, India or the US.

And you’ve probably got the same statistical likelihood of winning the lottery as you have of getting your story to “go viral” on social media.

All of which can suddenly make the process seem a bit daunting – even intimidating. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure are two powerful forces that could quickly extinguish those hopes of international recognition you were nurturing.

Fear not, the intrepid adventurers here at our award-winning Scottish public relations agency are regularly exploring far flung corners of the media world – whether promoting sporting tournaments or Hollywood starlets.

So we’d like to allay your fears or worries and put your mind at rest, with our essential, step-by-step business guide we can guide you through the process step by step, to watch your story travel to far and wide locations.


The first thing required are the right credentials – so let us be your passport to international coverage success.

We have exactly the right paperwork which identifies us bona fide media professionals with decades of hard-earned experience – the first step in getting through passport control.

Then it’s all about targeting the key publications, blogs and news sites at the right time and in the right way. We call on our extensive contacts to ensure your story generates as much interest as possible.

That bank of expert media knowledge and black book of key writers, means we do everything possible to ensure your story is in safe hands, even before its departure.


Deciding where you want to go is no easy task – and this is no different when it comes to issuing your stories to a global audience.

That’s why we can help you work out which locations could present interest in your story and your news.

That way we can tailor the approach and your story to best suit the local media and audience. All of which helps us to pinpoint exactly those people and places most likely to have an interest in your story.

By carefully planning the right story for the right local audience we help ensure it will have a safe flight to the right inboxes.

Our story pitches are all expertly planned according to time zone, allowing your stories to be told, round the clock, to the world’s best news outlets.


Edinburgh PR agency PR campaign gains coverage for Naomi Campbell who is tackling Ebola With Hospital ProjectWe recently told the story of our project client, Kathrin Glock, and her generous donation to showbiz pal Naomi Campbell’s “Fashion For Relief” event – which took the celebrity world by storm.

Naomi, 44, promoted the Fashion For Relief Show with a host of showbiz movers and shakers, and international models, in order to fund the building of a new hospital in Sierra Leone, in West Africa.

The supermodel worked with her close friend, who donated a generous seven figure sum to kick start the project.

Businesswoman Kathrin, 31, is the wife of famous Austrian weapons manufacturer Gaston Glock, 85, and has already sponsored two successful fundraisers in Austria and New York.

Catwalk icon, Naomi, was thrilled with the Glock’s support and is using their generous help to build a brand new hospital. She said: “I am delighted to be at the forefront of a campaign which is helping raise awareness about the Ebola virus around the world.

“Thousands of families and villages have been decimated by this dreadful disease and we must do everything to treat and stop it spreading anymore in the future.

“Our major aim is to build a brand new hospital in Sierra Leone to help in the treatment of this virus and all the wonderful doctors and nurses who are working so hard in very difficult conditions.

“I’d also like to thank my close friends Gaston and Kathrin Glock for their very generous sponsorship and continued support.”


2 FEB Kathrin Glock to use www.thesundaily.my_news_1335858Our results were a runaway success with coverage secured in multiple influential titles, landing our client, Kathrin Glock, a round-the-world ticket to press-


Key features secured in the Boston Herald, MSN, Yahoo, the Daily Star, Female First, the Philippine Times and Sunday World – to name a few – made sure that Kathrin and her generous charitable donations were talked about across the globe.

What’s more? After the media success – major publication, the Boston Herald, added Kathrin to its celebrity tags section, securing her a spot for more news to come.

H3 Find out how our award-winning public relations agency in Edinburgh could deliver coverage like this for you.

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