You Can’t Miss This Five


You Can’t Miss This Five

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A computer genius who discovered packet switching, one of the key components which lead to the invention of the internet, has passed away leaving behind him a legacy which has revolutionised the modern world. Paul Barron, discovered packet switching which splits digital information into small ‘packets’ sends them over a network and then reassembles them at their destination. Whilst humbly never claiming to have invented the internet Barron did predict the future of UK shopping and e-commerce imagining ‘a huge general purpose store carrying every product imaginable’. With big Internet names, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg more commonly associated with the Internet – Barron’s death is a gentle reminder of the real people behind the creation of the internet, not just the celebrities.

SAY CHEESE! (Andrea)

A website has been created for people to showcase all the photos that didn’t make it into the family album. It’s amazing to see what people have submitted – from wedding photos with bridesmaids in dresses that match the curtains behind them, or a professional photographer taking a picture of a woman with her mop.


Easter is approaching fast, which means only one thing for millions of sci fi geeks – the return of Doctor Who. The BBC has just unveiled its latest trailer for the forthcoming season of the show, which looks like being the most ambitious to date. There’s stunning on-location shots in the U.S.A, some intriguing presidential conspiracies, a slew of aliens and – by the looks of it – a shout out to some Japanese horror. Oh, and there’s also an episode written by bestselling fantasy author Neil Gaiman. What more could a nerd ask for?


This video on You Tube has been viewed almost 200,000 times – and the verdict is that maybe this girl REALLY likes Ryan. Maybe alcohol was involved but I think the best bit about this video is the graphics –  plus it’s quite funny.


Being from Liverpool I know all about the stereotypes associated with ‘Scousers’ the most prevalent being that they are all a bunch of thieves and whilst most of us aren’t, this story in today’s Telegraph caught my eye. A trio of policemen from Merseyside have been arrested for stealing belongings from people’s homes during a series of raids over 12 months – playing right into the hands of the Scouse archetype.They then went further to cement the image of the dishonest Scouser by selling their loot on eBay making considerable sums of money as a result! What makes it worse is that it’s the so called ‘bizzies’ (Scouse slang for the police) committing the crimes they are supposed to protect the public against. This is total exploitation of a situation were they are in a position of trust and responsibility and diminishes the image of the honest policeman.Still at least they didn’t steal the car wheels as that really would be living up to the stereotype!