Workplace Performance Experts Advise on Maximising Workspace and Profits

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Workplace Performance Experts Advise on Maximising Workspace and Profits

Space Solutions Blog

Leading workplace performance experts are to give vital tips to businesses about making the most of working space while battling the recession.

Two renowned specialists will be giving a master class in how to make the most of offices and other work spaces – by expertly boosting productivity and staff morale.

The event is aimed at helping businesses across the north-east negotiate through the demands of managing costs, while remaining flexible and meeting environmental demands.

Mark Breingan, Head of Space Solutions Work Performance Team, will be joined by Mark Baker, Worksmart Manager with Aberdeenshire Council, which has embraced mobile and flexible working solutions.

Both will speak at an event being organised by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) on Thursday August 20 at Aberdeenshire Council’s Woodhill House offices on Westburn Road in Aberdeen at 6.30pm.

Space Solutions’ Breingan will use recent case studies to explain how businesses can cope with the multiple demands of keeping costs down, offering flexibility and enhancing environmental credentials – while still creating a productive and comfortable workplace.

Recognising that many businesses can’t easily embrace home working, his informative talk will also discuss methods for space-saving while staff continue to work from a business base.

Mark Breingan added: “Every organisation is different. Some can let people work remotely, some cannot. There are also benefits and disadvantages to both sides of working from home or in the office and these are carefully examined in the work I do.”

“What I will be speaking about is what companies can do to maximise the efficiency of their workplace space but without it having a detrimental effect on staff. There are many changes which maximise space but also improve staff efficiency and morale.”

The event comes as the financially challenging market continues to bite and companies look at ways of downsizing space where possible without it impacting on their ability to service their clients needs.

Ian Armstrong, SCDI North-east Manager, said: “For companies in these competitive and financially constrained times, it makes sense to look at all the possible and available options. It will be very interesting and informative to see what advice and opinion Mark has to offer.

“The term ‘smart working’ is an approach which more organisations are adopting to ensure they maintain efficiencies and economies but provide a flexible environment in a challenging and ever-changing world.

“This latest SCDI seminar will demonstrate how space can be optimised when carefully planned in line with an organisations culture, need and readiness to embrace change.  This will be an enlightening and thought-provoking event irrespective of your personal role within your organisation.”

Those wishing to attend should e-mail Fiona Downie on [email protected]. Fiona can also be contacted on 01224-205868. Passes for journalists are available.