Award winning Scottish PR agency provide a one month PR intern placement to Gerard Klein

Work Experience at Holyrood Is All Work…and All Play

Holyrood PR Intern Programme

Work Experience at Holyrood Is All Work…and All Play

Holyrood PR Intern Programme
Gerard KleinBy Gerard Klein

WITH any job, you’re usually pretty nervous on the first day.

But when I arrived at Holyrood PR, I was terrified.

I walked in and the only face I knew was Laura’s because she had interviewed me. While Laura took me over to my desk and showed me how to use everything, her colleague Aimee was organising her breakfast before her long day’s work and I happened to catch the funniest moment of my first day anywhere… Aimee spilling a whole bowl of cereal over herself FIRST THING in the morning.

She laughed it off with all of us, cleaned it up and continued with her work.

This set the tone for my three week internship at Holyrood PR. We always have a bit of fun but always get the work done. Everyone made me feel so comfortable and part of the team that made this internship easier than I expected, as well as enjoyable.

I was even invited to be a part of Linsay’s birthday celebrations, which was a great privilege. The perception I have of an internship is somewhere you go to shadow people and just gain experience that way.

An internship at Holyrood is MUCH different. They offer PR internships that are so hands on, that it gives you a great experience of working in the PR industry.

I was doing things that everyone else in the team was doing but any work I was given that I found difficult was explained to me by Aoibhinn, Melissa, Aimee, Sarah or Laura, no matter how busy they were.

Each day I was excited about coming in to do work because the dynamics in the office are great and the work is something I found rewarding and enjoyable. I was writing press releases, uploading words and pictures to the website and scouring the web for interesting links for their daily “High Five” blog post, which curates interesting stuff from around the internet.

This was only a fraction of all the work I actually did. I will miss working at Holyrood PR and I’d like to thank everyone for all their kindness and support.

If you want to work in the PR industry and are looking for somewhere to gain experience, I would recommend seeing if there is a space in Holyrood PR. You won’t regret it.

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