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Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital and almost certainly one of the most stunning cities in the UK has it all, steeped in history with its cobbled streets, towering buildings, dungeons, wynds and closes. The city is famed for its hauntings, festivals and of course the beloved Grassmarket, but one local photographer wanted to show the real side of Edinburgh. Grant Richie has captured some of the most astounding images of Auld Reekie that I have ever seen with spectacular views of the city from its many vantage points.


30,000 FEET PROPOSAL (Lewis)

A bewildered surgeon was proposed to at 30,000 feet – and greeted by a singing and dancing flashmob at Edinburgh airport when they landed. The couple have been in a long-distance relationship for nine years, and phd student Samuel decided to pop the big question on the Heathrow to Edinburgh flight of their journey from Finland, which she, luckily, accepted. Around 40 singers from Edinburgh’s Aw Blacks choir greeted Samuel, from the Scottish Borders, and German medic Sibylle with a medley of songs after they arrived.


Have you ever thought about how to make an everyday meal more interesting? Do you know that you can make toast to look like person’s face? It turns out the morning tradition of breaking-fast offers a wonderful opportunity to discover your artist skills. Click on the link for some inspiration from the mashable team, and breakfast will become unforgettable.



A year after it’s rebrand, Google Play is celebrating it’s birthday – by given other people presents. More specifically, Android users. The online app store launched a week long promotion on Wednesday, called ‘Our gifts to you’. These gifts include a free $15 gift card, a free fantasy book called A Quest of Heroes and a 10% discount applicable to bookings on Hotels.com, among others. As someone without a Smartphone this is of little relevance to me, however for some it could be a nifty way to get out of spending any Mother’s Day related cash.



How should a nation overcome a seriously declining birth rate and an increased aging population? Tax the hotties and free the notties. This rather unusual and superficial solution is the brain child of economic analyst, Morinaga Takuro and is based on the notion that it will create a way for “homely” guys to find women, get them down the aisle and up the duff.
Moringa sees that as well as the “wealth gap” there is the issue of the “love gap” which is also contributing to Japan’s declining birthrate. So ambush the handsome with taxes and reduce the taxes of the not-so-handsome and maybe the economy grow healthier years down the line.
As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, who judges? Apparently a panel made up of randomly selected woman take to the board to decide who gets a bashing with the ugly brush but on the upside a better stab at love.