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YEAH RIGHT. (Aoibhínn)

The powers of an innovative PR and marketing campaign can give another 4% mainstream beer from New Zealand world wide recognition. Tui has been promoted through a humorous tongue-in-cheek campaign headed up by the tag line “Distracting the boys from the task In hand since 1989”. The innovative promotion has seen global attention due to its ironic billboard ‘Yeah Right’ adverts. One of the billboard ads takes a pop at Lance Armstrong. “One nut, seven Tour de France, no steroids. Yeah right.” So if you fancy taking a peek at some of the funniest ad’s from Tui, just click on the link below.​


Well known hotel chain Hilton has teamed up with satirical site The Onion in a bid to promote their hotels to people looking to take a holiday. The brilliant campaign video which is over the top in its delivery, talks about workaholics and what can happen if they don’t take a vacation. Their clever use of tagline ‘Help Stop Vacationitis Before it Spreads’ gives it a humorous approach in which most people would laugh about. A very clever use of piggy backing I would say.​

ALL ABOARD! (Victoria)

Those crazy Swedes. It sure must get boring with all that snow and those long dark winter nights. So what do they do to fight the boredom? Resort to crime and joyride trains! Well, that’s the path that one woman in Stockholm chose anyway! The cleaner ‘jacked a train on Tuesday evening and crashed it straight into an apartment building, but luckily no one was injured.Train chiefs are mystified at how she managed to take the train on the unauthorised journey. With everything in Sweden so amazingly efficient, I doubt she was making some kind of protest against poor service!​


As a vegetarian, these days come along rarely, so I warn you now, I am going to relish it just ever so slightly. The BBC have announced, late last night, that Horsemeat has been found in beef burgers being sold in supermarkets in the UK and Ireland. These supermarkets include Tesco and Iceland in the UK and Ireland and Aldi, Lidl and Dunnes stores in the Republic of Ireland. All of these stores have stated they are removing the items from their shelves. Ireland’s food safety authority (FSAI) said Horsemeat accounted for roughly 29% of the meat content in a sample from Tesco, and although it is not bad for your health, it is not what people expect so is therefpre unacceptable. The authority highlighted the source of the meat as two processing plants in Ireland, Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods and the Dalepak Hambleton plant in Yorkshire. For me it’s like (a less serious) BSE all over again, only this time I’m a veggie grabbing the fleeting opportunity to be the righteous party, not a 7 year old in a Parisian primary school (yes, this involved people mooing in my general direction). I will be over it by tomorrow, but today I’m feeling very smug.​


We have all heard of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune, famously sung by Will Smith, and most of us openly admit we know most, if not all, the words to it. So what happens when you take the lyrics to the song, put them into Google Translate, change the language to the top 5 most spoken languages in the world and then turn it back into English to and try and sing along to the theme song again…well this video is what happens. The video has only been online for a day but has already racked up over 120,000 views and will no doubt reach over the million mark soon.