Windless Wednesday’s Web Wonders

by Holyrood PR

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
















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Here’s a cute video to cheer those working blues away. We all love pets, well most of us do, and especially love them when they are small and cute. This video shows two kittens playing together. However, one kitten is sleeping the whole time and the other kitten is awake and bored and trying to wake its friend up.

The video is less than a minute long but it can cheer you up. It is the PAW-fect video. ​


When you hear that a six year old girl is opening her third sweet shop it does sound a bit baffling. Mollie Price has been declared as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the UK after opening her third sweet shop ‘Mollie’s’ in the Welsh market town of Welshpool. The six year old organises and chooses all the stock and works in one of the stores every Saturday. Her friends have got it good as they get to try the sweets to decide what’s good and what’s not! She even came up with the idea of a temperature chart so when it’s really cold they sell their Mr Whippy ice creams cheaper than normally. I think she is going to have a great career!


Scots singer Amy MacDonald has been driving around Scotland this week in a whistle-stop tour aimed at raising money for charity. Amy, who has recently purchased a £170,000 Ferrari, performed in Glasgow yesterday in support of the STV Appeal. This week Amy also released her third album, Life in a Beautiful Light, which is competing with albums by Gary Barlow and Usher for No1 – not bad for a 24 year old Scot from Bishopbriggs!​


I lost respect for Bansky after Channel Four’s Graffiti Wars documentary exposed the on going feud between him and repsected graffiti artist King Robbo-who ended up in a coma after a vicious attack with conspiracy theorists pointing to Banksy! References were also made to his reputed lack of talent and originality-apparently much of his pieces are a knock-off of french artist Blek le Ret who is hailed as the ‘Father of Stencil Graffiti’.
The feud is apparently still very much alive and for those who didn’t see the documentary here’s the famous graffiti feud in pictures!


In an attempt to promote the country as a tourist destination Sweden seems to have inadvertently aligned themselves with some questionable points of view. The Swedish Government has been handing over the @sweden Twitter account to a different citizen each week, and this week’s owner has been sending out tweets of a very dubious nature! Sonja Abrahamsson tweeted comments such as ‘Whats the fuzz with jews. You can’t even see if a person is a jew, unless you see their penises, and even if you do, you can’t be sure!?’. She also made the comment ‘Sometimes I just look at my children and think about the time when they had my vagina round their neck.’ Needless to say the reaction to Sonja’s stream of consciousness has not be hugely positive! Although the project began in December recent tweeting activity has brought the project into the limelight and an article in The New York Times on Monday increased the prominence.​


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