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UP UP AND AWAY (Aoibhínn)

In an attempt to replicate scene from Pixar animation UP, Jonathan Trappe took to the sky in a house attached by helium balloons. The 38 year old cluster balloonist, from Raleigh in North Carolina, debuted his floating house at the Leon International Balloon festival in Mexico earlier this week.Despite the attention he’s received, Trappe says his “Up” recreations are merely a warm-up. He is in fact planning to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 7ft life boat which will be suspended only by helium balloons. The 2,500 mile transatlantic flight is planned for next summer. Trappe gained fame in 2010 when he was the first person to cross the English Channel, when he was suspended by balloons attached to a chair. And who said animations were make believe? 



Now if you remember a few weeks back I talked about Acer’s new campaign with Megan Fox and how I thought that they had got it pretty wrong. However it may appear that I don’t hate all celebrity campaigns as I have to say I quite like Microsoft’s new campaign for its new windows phone. Holly Willoughby and James Corden are the celebs flying the flag for Britain whilst Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani are doing the same for the US. I really like these campaigns as they are properly integrated with the product. Good work Microsoft!



I have to admit, my linguistic ability failed me this morning as I attempted to find a witty and relevant way to introduce my high five post for the day. So, rather than work myself into writers block, I have decided to just say it. A Swedish woman has been accused of necrophilia after investigators found over 100 skeleton parts in her apartment. Say what?! Necrophilia is not a topic I claim to be much of an authority on, however it still came as a surprise to discover that the activity is not restricted to flesh covered cadavers. It also came as a surprise (not quite sure whether the feminist in me will be reduced to a head-in-hands state at this admission) to hear about a female necrophiliac. The woman, Kristina Ehrenborg-Staffas, has claimed she collected the bones out of historical interest, however a CD found on the premises entitled ‘my necrophilia’, would seem to contradict this. 



Glasgow’s sweet-toothed shoppers are now able to promptly purchase freshly-baked cupcakes from a new cake vendor in the style of an ATM. St Enoch Centre’s confectionary-enthusiasts can buy the sugary goods from Bradford’s Bakers new Bakery ATM. Just like a cash-point, customers insert their bank card, make their selection and pay £2.50 for their chosen cupcake to be dispensed from the machine. The Glasgow-based and family owned business’ treats are available in seven different flavours at any one time, featuring unique tastes such as Malteser Mint Medley and Irn-Bru. The ATM is replenished daily and is a Scottish first, taking the lead from Los Angeles’ Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, which was unveiled earlier this year. 



As a huge 90s R&B fan, R Kelly featured heavily on my Sony Minidisc player and I was always bemused and rather confused at his ‘Trapped in the Closet’ series of tracks.  The series tells the story of a romantic liason which sets off a dramatic chain of events, described by Kelly as a ‘hip hopera’.  23 chapters make up the series recorded between 2005 and last year with many comedic parodies produced on the total nuttiness, with South Park being a particular favourite.It has now been announced that R Kelly is to turn the lyrical masterpieces into a musical and the show has already made its first off-Broadway appearance.If it comes to the Playhouse, count me in!