Why Become a PR Client?

There are countless reasons why you should choose our public relations agency in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Unrivalled story-spotting skills? Check. Brilliant and creative PR photography? We’ve got it covered. Fantastic PR results in the media and online? Just ask our many satisfied customers.

But we know businesses want to know they can really trust the public relations partners they choose.

So we’ve pulled together 10 simple reasons that will reassure you why working with Holyrood PR in Edinburgh would be one of the best choices you could make.

Here we’ve summed up the 10 reasons – and you can click on any of the images to download a PDF version.

1 – Consistency
01-ConsistencyHolyrood PR in Edinburgh is run by the same people who founded it: Scott Douglas and Raymond Notarangelo.They spend every day leading from the front with a handpicked and carefully nurtured PR team.
We’re big enough to deal with issues of scope and scale, while small enough to ensure standards, ethos and commitment to quality and excellence are imbued in the entire team.

2 – Confidence
02-ConfidenceMost Suppliers can tell you what they do and how they do it. Only the very best can tell you why they do what they do.
We know exactly why we love our work so much.
At our Scottish PR agency we believe that stories are at the heart of every business. We love to find and share stories on paper, online and on air.
Everything we believe is demonstrated every day, telling our own stories and those of our clients in words, pictures and video.

3 – Control
03-ControlWe ensure our clients always remain fully in control, with tried and tested sign off procedures and protocols.
These have been forged while working for clients with complex hierarchies and/or numerous third party stakeholders.
Nothing is ever issued on your behalf without express permission, to meet exacting sign off standards tailored to your requirements.

4 – Creativity
04-CreativityOur PR campaigns are about much more than writing media releases.
Digging out stories, injecting them with life and personality while arranging pictures, video or audio for extra impact, is a creative process that clients love.
There is much talk about the importance of “visual communications”, which is currently in vogue.
We’ve had in-house photography at the heart of our work since 2002 and added video in 2009. This ensures every job we undertake is tackled creatively.

5 – Calm in a crisis
05-Calm-in-a-CrisisAll or our proactive creativity would be undone if we didn’t have the reactive credentials to match.
Many of our clients work in controversial or emotive areas, from wind farms to care homes.
Our team deals with hundreds of reactive calls every month, often matters of major reputational risk. We defuse the majority of these and ensure that any coverage is as positive as possible.

6 – Change management
06-Change-ManagementChange can be unsettling – but the communication landscape is being transformed by the Internet.
We are always ahead of the changes. Our content-driven website has been setting the standard of excellence in Scottish PR since 2008. We are early adopters of social media and new media, including video and podcasting.
All of which means our clients enjoy expert counsel in traditional media, but can also seek guidance and advice on new tools, knowing that we have the answers.

7 – Credentials
07-CredentialsEvery member of our team is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.
Each has a media-related degree, significant media experience – or both. We encourage rigorous ongoing training and professional development.
That’s why staff members have won Young Communicator of the Year three times since 2006. We’ve also won awards for consumer relations, business communication, measurement and evaluation and social media.

8 – Contacts
08-ContactsOur media contacts are vital to us. We encourage relationship building and delivering tailored pitches over the “spray and pray” model of mass media mail outs.
Our entire team is encouraged to meet key journalists, writers and bloggers.
Our work providing a 24-7 press office function for clients in a wide range of sectors ensures we are regularly dealing with the media on hot button issues.
Directors Scott and Raymond each have at least 30 years in the Scottish media – and the contacts that come with that pedigree.

9 – Culture
09-CultureOur culture is built round successful story telling. Both our team and our clients understand that is how we deliver success.
We embrace transparency in everything we do – from our clear and unambiguous charges to having the courage of our convictions to showcase all of our work online.
Our culture involves hard work, constant personal development and fostering a strong sense that success and having fun go hand-in-hand.

10 – Client focus
10 reasons to choose Scottish PR agency Holyrood PRIt’s all about you. We speak with our clients on a daily basis to understand their organisations, dig out stories and evangelise about their products and services as widely as possible.
We report fastidiously on a monthly basis to justify everything we do, seek regular feedback on our performance and strive at all times to deliver measurable value.

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