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Useful guide to PR from Scottish PR agency Holyrood PartnerhipPublic relations is an industry worth billions of pounds employing tens of thousands of people – so summing it up in a few short words is difficult, even for us communicators.

PR agency work is actually many different things to many different people, which means there are countless ways individuals, organisations and businesses benefit from public relations in Scotland.

Some need to get to the ears of a handful of hard-to-reach influencers, while others want to their important messages spread to the widest possible audience.

Businesses or organisations may need help during times of restructure or major change to keep  staff and customers informed. During  challenging times,  businesses may  find themselves in the media glare for all the wrong reasons and need support to weather a crisis.

We work with diverse PR clients ranging from boutique hotels and care providers to utility giants and health specialists. Here is a simple guide on 10 of the most important ways our public relatinons campaigns helps those clients. Click on any of the images or on this link to download a PDF version:



01 RecognitionCustomers notice the companies and organisations which succeed in having their story told across the web, media and by word of mouth.
It is important those customers not only recognise your name – but know exactly what your company or organisation does and what it stands for.
That will help you stand out from rivals in a crowded marketplace and make it more likely potential customers will come to you first. It will also save time money by reducing the repetition involved in constantly explaining your business.
Those companies with the strongest media and public profile are also those with the greatest credibility – and the greatest consumer trust.


 02 TransactionThe purpose of being well-known is to energise sales.
The best PR will always focus on enhancing and improving your bottom line –retaining existing customers while helping to attract the new.
Whether in B2B or B2C, discerning customers make their buying decisions after checking out multiple touch points – from newspapers and magazine to your website and social media profile.
It is crucial you have a voice and a positive presence in all the places where your existing and potential customers are likely to be. Sales professionals know only too well how positive media coverage can open doors.


03 PositionEven when someone recognises the name of your business, they are often a long way from understanding your areas of expertise.
Holyrood PR helps clients find the best possible platforms to express and demonstrate their expert knowledge and credentials.
With careful positioning you’ll be offering more than expert views and analysis – you’ll be offering useful and valuable advice
That will build your reputation and credibility – while ideally also creating an indispensible online archive, compelling to the people who are searching for  products and services like yours.


04 MotivationMedia coverage is a powerful way to recognise and praise the hard working people that make your organisation what it is – while attracting the cream of talent from elsewhere.
Workers take pride in being acknowledged for their efforts and for being associated with a business or organisation that has a positive profile in the news media, social media and  online.
This incentivises and encourages your people to keep aspiring to the highest standards, while helping set the culture and expectations for newer members of your team.
All of which helps staff retention, while attracting the highest quality candidates for every vacancy.


05 Protection Your reputation is your most precious asset. It can take decades to earn, yet can be sullied, tarnished and even destroyed in the space of a few short days.
PR experts at Holyrood PR are adept at ensuring clients avoid the kind of mis-steps that result in negative media coverage and damage consumer perception.
We are also highly-sought after for our knowledge in spotting potentially damaging issues while they remain on the horizon, allowing clients to tackle problems while they are small and more easily managed.
If troublesome issues do flare up, Holyrood PR will prevent them spinning out of control and ensure you come out the other end as positively as possible.


06 LocationHow exactly can potential customers find you? In the internet age how you appear online is vital to success.
Yet most business people are left confused by the complexities and jargon of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
So we got brainstorming with our friends at Stellar SEO , we wanted to know where to start and we decided on a simple fact:  successful public relations delivers positive media coverage in mainstream news titles, trade publications, niche or specialist news sites and blogs, all of which help you appear higher and better in Google.
Meanwhile, successful PR will also deliver content, including words, pictures and video that will enrich and enliven your website – ensuring the visitors who do find your site get the most useful, positive and informative experience possible.


 07 SatisfactionThe explosion of social media has served as a reminder to businesses about the importance of what really matters.
It is a turbocharged version of word of mouth and puts the job of promoting your services and reputation in the hands of the most important people – the customer.
Yet in an age when every business is told they have to be a media company, most find it difficult to handle, manage and understand the demands of real time communications.
Effective public relations can help you navigate this new relationship. Confident communications enable you to better inform customers, while listening and responding – all leading to greater customer satisfaction.


08 ComprehensionIt is crucial to understand exactly what levers and buttons have the right kind of impact on your business.
When you partner with a reputable public relations agency, like Holyrood PR, meticulous measurement of results will be a fundamental part of the service.
We work with clients in diverse sectors to pinpoint the best possible outcomes – and show how our campaigns help deliver those results.
When you have that kind of clarity on performance, you can adapt your strategies – and your budgets – to deliver maximum impact and value.


 09 CelebrationSuccess breeds success. So celebrating the achievements of your business, the accomplishments of your people and the popularity of your products or services generates more than a feel good factor.
As well as building credibility, energising sales and incentivising staff, healthy and positive media coverage is a powerful aid when pitching for new business or seeking new investment.
It can also be the crucial factor in putting a business on the radar for possible mergers and acquisitions.
So whether you are in growth mode, succession planning or working on an exit strategy, public relations should be an essential part of your business plan.


10 PersuasionThe currency of business is influence – which grows with a positive media presence.
Those businesses recognised as most credible, respected and trustworthy are better able to win over the most potent influencers.
Whether seeking the support of politicians, planners or other powerbrokers, the ability to communicate in a clear, sustained and compelling way is a formidable tool.
Robust PR delivered by passionate experts will sway the right audience, with stories to fit every possible channel from the business pages to niche bloggers.

If you believe your business deserves to have its stories better told or otherwise benefit from PR which improves the bottom line, then feel free to connect with us whichever way best suits you, or quite simply fill in the form below and we’ll get straight back to you:

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