Why settle for bigger, cheaper or louder when you can have better?

by Scott Douglas

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to when it comes to researching PR services

Public relations agency in Edinburgh guide on choosing the best PR agency for your businessSO you’re thinking about using the services of a public relations agency for your business – but you don’t know where to start, right?

The first piece of advice we’d offer any business investigating public relations is that it’s worth putting in a LOT of research.

We know how difficult and time-consuming that can be, so we’ve prepared this essential business PR starter pack to save you time, effort and money.

Stumbling blindly into the arms of a PR agency simply because they are the biggest, the cheapest or the loudest might work out.

But the chances are it’s more likely to prove a disappointing let down. The simple fact is that bigger, cheaper or louder doesn’t mean better.

There are other factors to consider. For example, how far and fast would you run if you were in the dentist’s chair and the man in the white coat gave you a smile meant to be reassuring – only to reveal a set of badly decayed, tombstone teeth?

Would you trust the advice from a dietician who was clinically obese? Or have your car serviced by a mechanic who’d been prosecuted recently for driving a death trap banger without an MOT?

So you may want to make sure that a PR agency practices what it preaches.

PART 1Public relations in Edinburgh expert advice on choosing a PR agency for your business – Would you waste time haggling over the cost of a £100,000 super car if you only had £15,000 to spend? No. Our guide to setting the right budget and other PR fundamentals

blurry team 2 PART 2 – People matter. So when do you need the grizzled PR veteran and when do you want the dynamic junior team member? Find out in or guide to public relations people power.

 PART 3PR experts write insider's guide to choosing the right PR Agency – Learn how the Kung Fu Panda can teach you an essential lesson in finding the ‘secret sauce’ to make sure your business finds the right PR agency.

Edinburgh PR agency guide on choosing the best public relations agency for your businessPART 4 – Want to play a game of Show and Tell? When it comes to finding the right PR agency partner, this will help you make sure the candidates can ‘walk the walk’


If an agency isn’t demonstrating success on a daily basis, producing useful and relevant online content or acting as an enthusiastic cheerleader for its clients every day, then why would you entrust it with your precious reputation?

Our series of posts will give you an essential starting point when it comes to choosing or using the services of a public relations agency in Scotland and beyond – by helping you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

Why? Because finding the right PR agency – whether that is Holyrood PR or one of the other reputable firms out there – will ensure a long, rewarding and profitable partnership, which in the end is good for everyone.

Like what you see here? Find out how our PR agency in Edinburgh could help you.

We’d love to help your business find out the amazing benefits that come with a successful public relations campaign.

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Scott Douglas, of public relations agency Holyrood PR in Scotland

Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas is the co-founder of the multi award-winning Holyrood PR, renowned public relations agency in Edinburgh, Scotland.
As well as providing expert PR services in Scotland and the UK, the former journalist heads a team which offers a host of other professional media services.
Those include crisis management PR, photography for business PR, affordable business video, social media campaigns and strategic content planning and delivery for businesses of all sizes.

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