Why integrating social media into your business plan can produce astronomical results

by Cameron Ward

Monday, November 30th, 2020

Our digital PR team shares examples of how social media produces tremendous reach figures through campaigns and opportunities

FOR the last decade one medium has become increasingly fundamental for businesses to grow and develop their messages, and that is Digital Communications in the form of Social Media.

Social media gives your brand the power to reach an unthinkable number of people within a short space of time.

The vast majority of the general public engage on social media platforms, and for many it is their primary source of information gathering and engagement. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube – the list is endless and the opportunities are only going to continue increasing.

We advise all clients to be active on social media in order to reap the benefits it holds, however it is vital to have your target audience in mind at all times to ensure you select the correct platform and continue to put information in front of them that is relevant.

Keep reading as we take a look at a number of integrated PR examples.

Flora Shedden and Mackie’s of Scotland Summer Collaboration

Food and Drink PR success graphic on Mackie's of Scotland recipe collaboration by Holyrood PR

Scotland’s most popular ice cream brand, Mackie’s of Scotland, teamed with former Great British Bake Off contestant, Flora Shedden as part of their Summer of Simple Pleasures campaign looking to encourage the nation to step back and enjoy the simple things in life.

As well as a ten week promotional prize giveaway, Mackie’s collaborated with Flora to create four tempting recipes to share with her 45,000 followers on Instagram, using the Aberdeenshire brands delicious chocolate and ice cream as key ingredients.

Accompanying the recipes were delightful photographs of the Scottish influencer’s creations, which caught the attention of her followers and garnered a total of 3,224 likes.

Our digital PR experts made sure that all content featured the Mackie’s Instagram handle and the Summer of Simple Pleasures campaign hashtag, ensuring all content linked back to the ice cream giant’s social media pages.

The post engagement showed both the undoubted talent of Flora and the popularity Mackie’s has with her following.

The results were a grand success, with Flora’s post reaching over 34,700 people, as well as earning over 3,200 likes. On top of the digital success, we carefully crafted a press release to accompany which reached a further 44,500 people and was featured in The National and the Press and Journal.

Three months after the collaboration the social posts continue to drive success with Flora’s recipes becoming the most engaged Instagram post on the Mackie’s grid during the week of the 2021 GBBO Final, preforming 80% better than any other post!

This success echoes the importance of an integrated PR campaign to capture the attention of current and new followers with social media featuring as a key driver.

Housing Provider Twitter Takeover

Bield's Twitter Takeover turned out as Social Media and Digital PR victory

Social media has the ability to be spontaneous in its creation and output, and that is what happened to Bield Housing and Care when it was approached by JobCentre Plus to take part in a ‘Twitter Takeover’ campaign.

As one of Scotland’s largest housing and support services, Bield was asked whether they would take part in a promotional campaign on the Job Centres’ Lothian and Borders Twitter account. Promoting the #CareInScotland campaign.

Our team of digital PR experts ensured Bield made a lasting impression – by achieving the best ever Twitter performance of any Scottish JobCentre Plus account.

The day of Bield’s takeover marked the highest figures JobCentre Plus has ever received on any of its Scottish accounts with more than 70,000 impressions – Bield contributed to over 15,000 impressions during its one hour takeover of the account.

JobCentre Plus was so impressed by the results that they have asked for Bield to contribute in future projects.

The project was a triumph from start to finish for our client and highlights how an opportunity to make a real mark on social media can come from nowhere – the lesson is how best to utilise and jump at the opportunities when they arise.

Taking the Ice Cream Giant to New Levels

Digital PR success of Mackie's Biscoff sauce tap at its ice cream parlour

Sometimes you land a story which you think will feature prominently on news websites. However, eyes were opened at the sheer reach of sharing a story with social media prominent news sites can have on your story.

Mackie’s of Scotland’s 19.2 ice cream parlour introduced a new flavour of sauce on one of its ever-flowing taps. Biscoff sauce was the trend of the moment and the parlour capitalised on this by introducing the sauce.

What followed was a social media storm following some encourage press coverage.

Social media giants Tyla lead it as its number one trending story and posted across its Facebook and Twitter accounts reaching over 7,000,000 followers.

Another 2,000,000 followers could view the story after it was shared by Pretty Little Thing on its Facebook account.

Combined across Tyla and Pretty Little Thing the story and pictures of the Biscoff tap garnered thousands of engagements from readers wowed by the concept.

Along with coverage in the Daily Star and The Scotsman the Biscoff tap story had a total audience reach of over 10,600,000. Resulting in huge bumps in website traffic, followers to Mackie’s social media platforms and lasting effects across their digital channels.

Along with the other examples highlights a stark reminder of how powerful social media is and why integrating it in your PR campaign at all aspects, can turn a good result into an amazing one.

Social media is forever changing, with new apps and updated software’s it is imperative for your business to stay relevant and current with the latest social media trends. Our digital PR experts are able to utilise this medium to its fullest, and provide staggering results in what many perceive to be an unworthy venture.

Our client’s messages were amplified across several platforms in these examples. The use of these various platforms helped bring each of them to the forefront of the Scottish public, in a way that would best resonate with them.

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