Wheelin’ And Dealin’ For Web Bustin’ Links


Wheelin’ And Dealin’ For Web Bustin’ Links

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I came across this video titled ‘hand-feeding an injured dragonfly’ and thought eh!?! You don’t see many people coming to the aid of insects but a woman named Noelia fed an injured dragon fly ants with tweezers and it’s pretty fascinating to watch!I kind of want to find one, this wee guy is cool! 


London 2012 chairman and former Olympic athlete Seb Coe has called for Team GB to stop tweeting during the upcoming games, as he believes it could damage their medal chances. He believes that tweeting can impact upon athletes’ performances, and goes as far as saying that he has found a direct correlation between the number of tweets at competitive times and the level of underperformance. He is not going as far as issuing a ban, but he draws upon his own experiences as a sportsman to warn that ultimate focus is required.Surely it would be beneficial for athletes to connect with supporters and read positive messages during the games? They will undoubtedly be under an immense amount of pressure but they will need a bit of light relief at times.


As you probably all know from my previous posts much of my furniture in my new pad has come from lengthy trips to IKEA. My coffee table, TV unit and much of my kitchen was bought at the Swedish home store but I like to think it doesn’t look like you’re typical Ikea show home. For people who are looking for that effect though, Ikea has brought out its own beer, a drink you can enjoy whilst sitting in your IKEA haven. Öl Mörk Lager is now available through its UK stores now and has had generous reviews from beer bloggers so far! Wonder how long it will take my other half to try it!


It seems that Tesco’s is giving away a free gift with their freshly-baked bread as a primary school pupil found a lizard embedded in their bread. William Evans was slicing the bread when he said he spotted something that looked like a leaf and on closer inspection he found the gross discovery of two to three inch long lizard. They are keeping the lizard and loaf in the fridge for evidence for environmental health officers, or maybe to change their mind and have a little reptile and carb based snack.


How many Scots have been rubbed up the wrong way when some cocky Cockney (or other Estuary English vowel mangler) refer to us as “whingeing jocks”? It is mildly annoying. So I’m sure Londoners and others from the south east will be spitting feathers at this report in the New York times about Olympic gold-medal winning standards of moaning and grousing. My favourite line? “The Daily Mail, whose unofficial motto appears to be ‘What Fresh Hell is This?’… marvellous stuff. Schadenfreude really is a wonderful thing.