What does digital PR success look like? Just ask this social care provider…

Mansfield Care Media Coverage

Care home operator sees rise in searches and online traffic thanks to PR experts

Social care PR photography, Mansfield care see 15% rise in Google searches thanks to media releases.

PSSST. Wanna know a dirty little secret?

Forgive the over-dramatic, attention-grabbing ploy, but here’s some hush-hush inside info that you just might want to know about.

Most people realise that great PR delivers brilliant media coverage. But too few have cottoned on to the fact that PR success delivers a host of second order effects.

Like what, exactly? Well, when one of our social care PR clients enjoyed a week of positive and extensive media coverage, they ALSO saw a 15% increase in online searches, according to figures compiled by search giant, Google.

Yowser. Show us a business that wouldn’t welcome that kind of boost in search engine traffic (not to mention seeing their name plastered across the media in a slew of positive news stories).

So how did we make this happen? Firstly our digital PR team work to identify a host of potential stories at Mansfield Care’s care homes. Then we use our multi-award-winning storytelling skills to to turn the everyday into stellar results.

Drafting, editing and issuing two releases in one week, Mansfield Care saw its work and key messages showcase in front of a huge audience, with headlines across print, online and social outlets.

In fact, the care provider scored a total of 23 items of coverage that created 1,683,580 opportunities to see.  That included coverage in national, regional and local media titles creating a buzz across the country about the excellent work Mansfield Care is doing to support its residents.

We harnessed the power of video and photography, to capture footage and images of a blushing bride who visited a Mansfield Care home so that her grandmother would get a flavour of the wedding, despite Covid restrictions. We’d urge you to check out these links:

Covid care home bride visit – media release.

Blushing bride treats her care home gran to a wedding day visit – media success post.

Wedding day treat for care home gran – pic gallery

A gran day out – Margaret’s wedding day treat captured in video

In the same week, we also issued another media release about another Mansfield Care home which had encouraged its residents to strike up pen pal friendships with similar-minded older people in Virginia in the US.

Do yourself a favour and read it here to see exactly what kind of story it was that also notched up powerful media and social media coverage.

With those two media stories issued on May 3 and May 4 it wasn’t just media coverage that started to roll in. It was clear that interested news readers were following up by carrying out Google searches for “Mansfield Care” – with Google Trends revealing that such searches increased by 15% within that week.

By monitoring Google trends, we were able to capture and evaluate how our media relations work delivers powerful business results beyond the coverage generated. 

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