We’ve Got It Made – Today’s Five Links from the Holyrood Team


We’ve Got It Made – Today’s Five Links from the Holyrood Team

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We think our five links are great – so great in fact that we want to share them with you every day. We also think that there are people out there like us, that would be able to find links like ours. So if you have a suggestion, go to our twitter or facebook pages and share with us. We’re all about the sharing, we are.


Just like Bonnie Prince Charlie dressed up as a woman to escape from prison during the 17th Century a dodgy plumber has donned female attire in order to escape the glare of the paparazzi after he was fined for supplying and fitting dodgy gas equipment. Yet Martyn Chute’s attempts at drag didn’t fool the keen eyed crew from Anglia TV and his plan back fired as these pictures of him emerged in papers today. The dodgy dealer from Lincoln was fined £43,000 after he was caught installing equipment with no CORGI registration – a reckless action which could have resulted in serious consequences for the home owners who hired him. Looking at the pictures it’s a pretty unrealistic attempt at cross dressing, but interestingly he did choose some precariously high heels. Maybe he gets lots of practise at the weekends when he is known as Martina?



They’re feted as possibly the greatest footballing side ever to grace a pitch, have an uber-cool manager and even do their bit for cheeriddee by gifting the sponsorship of their shirts to UNICEF. After Barcelona’s mesmerising performance in the Champions League final at the weekend, they also lifted the most sought-after prize in club football. Today defeated rivals, Manchester United, will have to swallow another defeat from the boys at Barca, as this league table shows the English Champions are also second the Catalans when it comes to Facebook ‘Likes’.



Grease fans will be in mourning today after the news that actor Jeff Conaway – who played T-Bird leader Kenickie – passed away from a long battle against drugs. It’s a sad way to go for the talented star, who also appeared in the sitcom Taxi, but fans of the show will no doubt be planning thousands of tribute parties in the coming weeks to his character – so at least he’ll always be remembered. Now, having only seen the film a couple of times, I’m not the biggest fan or greatest authority on Grease in the world. But despite this dearth of knowledge, even I can tell that the coolest character in the whole musical is Kenickie. John Travolta may get the girl at the end of the show, and get to drive Greased Lightning and all that jazz, but as the gang leader, Kenickie’s practically his boss. He owns that car and has an awesome chick, who he doesn’t pine for like a neutered puppy. Hell, he even had a Britpop band named after him, which is more than can be said about drippy Danny.  RIP Mr Conaway. I’m sure Lauren Laverne will be raising a toast to you.



Man U certainly couldn’t do on Saturday, but is it impossible to stop the Barcelona dream team? TV pundit Alan Smith has had a go at creating a World XI to take on Europe’s kings. It’s a debate likely to played up and down the footballing land – with everyone having a say on what chance any pulled-together team would have against Messi and co.While I can see the merits of Xabi Alonso to move the ball around Iniesta and Xavi – putting in young Chelsea centre back David Luis to stop the advances of Messi and David Villa seems flawed. Have a read of this and see if you agree?



When you think of supermodels and their diva behaviour making the headlines, one name normally springs to mind. Naomi Campbell. So Cadbury must have thought using her in their new advertising campaign would put their product in the spotlight. Well, yes, but for all the wrong reasons. The 41-year-old is reportedly threatening to sue the chocolate giant over it’s tagline for its Bliss bar which states “Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town”. Naomi apparently believes that the advert plays on racist connotations and Cadbury has withdrawn the advert as a result of the blow up. There are many ways for celebrities to obtain publicity but this seems a little extreme – why would Cadbury be intentionally racist towards one of the most high profile people in the world? Maybe a warning note for future companies interested in using Naomi – check with her first?