Wet Wednesday Web Wonders

by Sarah Drummond

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

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A spooked council worker called in the ‘ghostbusters’ quite literally after getting the chills whilst scoping out a site in Inverness for a Halloween party. Gerry Reynolds, events officer with Highland Council, got the creeps as he felt like he was being watched! Ooooooh!
Paranormal investigators apparently found a female ‘presence’ with one investigator claiming to have been touched! Even weirder, a mysterious mist appeared bringing a stench of mould which still hasn’t been explained!
Who fancies a visit? A very fitting site for a Halloween party!




So it’s that time of year again, the only time where it is acceptable not to be yourself. For many people this is a welcome holiday but for others it’s all a bit of a nuisance. For worldwide brands it is just another excuse for them to publicise what they are doing whilst hooking it on the holiday. Heineken, McDonalds and Mini are just three of the brands to have jumped on the Halloween bandwagon. I particularly like McDonalds’s ode to scream, quite clever.



In keeping with the Halloween theme, which we in the office are taking as a given (being surrounded, as we are, by gruesomely grinning pumpkins), my high five for today is going is looking at the weirdest pumpkin flavoured foods. Personally, I have never had anything made from pumpkins. No pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup has ever crossed my lips. However, it seems I have been missing out on more than I realised. From pumpkin flavoured Pringles to Pumpkin cheesecake Kit Kat, there is a whole world Halloween flavoured food out there, ready to be discovered. Personally, I can do without the ‘Jet Puffed Pumpkin Spiced Mallows’ – but after my early morning pumpkin fiasco, I’d be well up for some pumpkin pie vodka. For the full plethora of pumpkin flavoured treats click on the link below.


Star Wars 7 Disney Style (Dionne)

Disney has announced the release of the seventh Star Wars film after they bought Lucas Film for £2.5 Billion. Disney plan to release a third trilogy with the seventh film being released in 2015. The seventh film will follow on from the Jedi Returns with George Lucas acting as a consultant. The announcement seems to have many Star Wars fans groaning disparagingly. Will Disney work its magic and make it a success? We’ll have to wait til 2015.



In the spirit of All Hallows Eve, I wanted to share some spooky spiels to get you all in the mood.

There are numerous claims that Edinburgh is one of, if not the most haunted city in the world. Once known as “Auld Reekie” the historic city of Edinburgh has become increasingly popular with ghost hunters and paranormal investigators world wide.

A few years back I had a friend (let’s just refer to her as Mary!), tell me a spine tingling tale about an ‘encounter’ she had in Edinburgh’s city centre. At the time Mary was working in a retail clothing shop on George Street, one evening both herself and a colleague were in the stock room, which was located in the basement of the building.

As the duo worked away, they thought they heard something, initially they both brushed it off, then it came again an eerie high pitched voice saying “hellooooo”.

With that the pair exchanged anxious looks and legged it up to the shop floor. By the time a few hours passed they began to laugh at themselves concluded that they were both being ridiculous.

The next again day, Mary was in the basement again only this time on her own. What you must remember is that there are no windows or other exits, vents etc. aside from the door that leads to the main floor.

Anyway, Mary was rearranging and sorting out stock when out of no where a gust of wind blew through the room rattling the jewelry rails and knocking things on the ground. Naturally, Mary bricked it again and up she dashed to the shop floor.

Over the next few evenings various other unexplained events happened to other members of staff, security alarms were set off at ungodly hours with no explanations as to why.

So with that we all started to research ghosts on George Street and just look at what we found….


Happy Halloween!!!!​


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