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Wet Wednesday Web Wonders

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We are all familiar with the song Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepson, and we are all familiar with Barack Obama. What happens when someone takes words from every speech made by Obama and combines it with the background tune of the song….this video is what happens.

Cleverly put together, Barack Obama’s speeches have been chopped up into short clips and he ‘sings’ every word of the Call Me Maybe song. There are more songs like this which are great fun to to watch and listen to.


With most budget airlines not pre assigning seats making it a free for all at the boarding gate, it can be a real gamble who you end up sitting next to.

There is nothing worse than if you get stuck next to someone who wants a chat when you are in need of a kip, so Latvia’s national airline, Air Baltic has devised a system whereby you can select your neighbour according to your mood.

The Seat Buddy system will offer passengers three moods: “work” for when you want to get something done; “business talk” for those who want to network and “relax” for those who don’t want to deal with a chatterbox. Apparently, hobbies and interests will also be taken into account.



The Archers (for those who are not aware) is a daily radio soap featured on BBC Radio 4. My parents have always been, and always will be, huge fans, and its encroaching dinnertime presence was (I am ashamed to say) the excuse I needed for many an adolescent rant. The events take place in the small (fictional) town of Ambridge and focus mainly (from what I can remember) on adultery and farming. I must admit that despite my best efforts The Archers drew me in over the years, and so I was intrigued when it was announced that EastEnders boss John Yorke is taking over the long-running soap. He has promised to make it ‘darker and bigger’ with more cliffhangers and, for this reason, The Archer’s role as tea-time accompaniment may have to be reinstated….that is, until the suspense gets too much.



Growing up in Edinburgh the Sick Kids hospital has become a nostalgic building to me. Most people don’t want to remember their experiences in hospital but I’m sure for many their time at the Sick Kids was pleasant if not memorable. I had a condition when I was about five in which I had to visit the Sick Kids for checkups a few times a year. I always remember the nurses and doctors being so nice and always feeling safe. With the move of the Sick Kids to Little France in 2017 the Sick Kids Friends Foundation has appointed a writer in residence to capture the vibrant stories of the patients, nurses and doctors over the next two years. What a great way to keep the place alive in years to come!


I normally like to avoid all things hipster even though they’ve seemed to latch onto all social cultures and generations and spin them into hipsterdom which makes it difficult to escape their trappings! This mysterious t shirt website fell into my path with a clue to its leanings in the name-The Hipstery Experience! But hipster haters don’t be put off because this is pretty cool, especially if you love t shirts!

The site invites you to answer six questions to enable the t shirt scientists to select the perfect t shirt for you with the option of adding a mysterious gift to your package! I can’t help but be curious and it will be getting done soon! I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime have a shot and post us the photos!