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Off to a flying start: My first week as an international graduate at an Edinburgh PR agency

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Off to a flying start: My first week as an international graduate at an Edinburgh PR agency

  BlogIntern Programme

An insight into an eventful week at my Holyrood PR graduate placement

By Lotte Roels

AS a Belgian Multilingual Communication student, with little hands-on experience and a passion for the English language, I wanted to end my master’s degree with an internship at an Edinburgh PR agency.

I came across Holyrood PR’s graduate programme while looking for places to intern in Edinburgh, and was immediately sold. After an informal interview in October, I was lucky enough to secure a four-week placement.

Even though the pandemic threatened to sabotage my plans, I was still set on doing my internship at Holyrood PR from behind a screen.

At first, I panicked at the idea of working at a company in Scotland, a country I’ve never even set foot in. I was filled with doubts about cultural and language barriers, and the internship being remote alarmed me even more.

There I was on my first day, 600 miles and one time zone away from the office, sitting nervously in front of my laptop. After a few technical glitches I finally met the team members via video call, welcoming me in with open arms from their office in the Scottish capital.

The days flew by as I was thrown into the dynamic and fast-paced world of PR. To my surprise, I was given a lot of responsibility, as the team trusted me with important tasks such as writing blog posts for clients, reporting media coverage, researching client workshop ideas, and designing graphics for the Holyrood PR social channels.  

In between creative writing and team meetings, I learned more about website optimisation (SEO), and was introduced to programmes such as Dovico, WordPress, Asana, and Kantar.

One of the perks of working at Holyrood PR is that every day is different. So far, I’ve worked for a variety of clients, including Bields, Blackwood, and Cramond Residence – each of which have a whole host of different stories and projects going on.

At university, I learned that copywriting requires expertise in a wide range of fields, and that’s exactly what my experience so far has shown me. Writing content for clients in different sectors, ranging from Property PR to Social Care PR, I am learning a little bit of everything.

My first week has taught me that a job in PR can be challenging as well as exciting with hard deadlines and busy days. With that said, the team makes all the difference giving me endless support and always ready to help or answer questions.  

Looking back on the interesting and enlightening first week, I realise that I’ve already learned a lot, and I am excited to find out what the remaining three weeks have in store for me!

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