Wednesday’s Wicked High Fives

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At more than 2ft (26ins) tall the one year old Brahma bird called Little John terrifies small children. Brahmas are an Asian breed of chicken that originated from birds exported through Shanghai in China and were known as Shanghai birds. Jeremy Goldsmith who is the cockerel’s owner, claims it is a world beater because he also reared the previous biggest cockerel called Melvin and he measured in at 24ins tall. Little John roams the 10 acre grounds of Mountfitchet Castle in Stansted, Essex, where he is fed crisps and popcorn from many visitors.


Matthew Gough aged 25 was travelling around the world taking part in extreme sports when he decided to go base jumping in Lake Garda, Italy. His previous 180 leaps have gone without a hitch but this time his parachute opened backwards and became twisted. He briefly floated before smashing into rocks and falling down the cliff face at speeds of 40mph whilst his headcam was filming the whole thing! After bouncing down the cliff he had a lucky escape from death when a metal spike on the ground knocked his helmet off. He was found at the foot of the cliff shocked but mostly unharmed except for minor injuries to his knees and ankle – he was taken to hospital but was released a few hours later.


Can you imagine you’re on-board your flight and ready for your holiday to then find out you’re in the wrong place? This is exactly what happened to this couple. Last December, Sandy Valdiviseo and her husband Triet Vo were intending to fly from Los Angeles to Dakar in Senegal with Turkish Airlines. Although due to a careless mistake by the airline, they ended up almost 7,000 miles away on an entirely different continent in Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh after the airport codes were mixed up. The airport code for Dakar which is the capital of Senegal is DKR – the code for the airport in Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh is DAC. After arriving in Istanbul the couple had boarded a connecting flight; it was only after seeing the route map of the flight’s progress which showed the plane over the Middle East that they realised the error. When they arrived in Bangladesh, the pair informed Turkish Airlines about the mistake and tried to arrange a transfer to Senegal. This incident has only just been made public due to the couple long battle to get compensation for this foolish incident.


Downtown Abbey has cast its first black character, Gary Carr but musician P Diddy also known as Puff Daddy and Sean Combs, has shown in a spoof video that he was there first. The star excited fans when he tweeted that he would appear on Downtown Abbey earlier this week although the resulting video might not be quite what they were expecting… In Downton Diddy, a video created by comedy website Funny or Die, Diddy explains that as a proud Downton fan he’s been involved in the hit ITV period drama since the beginning and he has the scenes to prove it. Diddy plays the role of Lord Wolcott who is the new owner of Downton Abbey and appears in key scenes from the previous series including: Matthew Crawley’s first steps after his accident and Mr Bates’s guilty verdict for the murder of his wife. Carr will join the Downtown cast minus Diddy of course this autumn for the shows fourth series and he will be playing a jazz musician.


Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Especially when it involves cute animals! A Sheltand Pony despite being a mother herself to a young foal she allows the lamb to feed of her – this odd pairing created their bond in the Black Mountains in Wales where more than 2,000 sheep and 60 horses roam. Horse rider and vet Georgina Hirst aged 29, took a double take whilst she spotted the pair feeding whilst out riding on Hay Bluff. Despite the developing friendship, Ms Hirst had to step in when it became apparent both the lamb and the pony’s foal were not getting enough food to aid in their growth and even survival; thankfully the lamb had an identity mark on it and she was able to track down the farmer.