Wednesday’s Tantalizing Links


Wednesday’s Tantalizing Links


High Five

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As everyone knows the Edinburgh International Festival in August is a great showcase of the some of the best beauty spots in the capital. With the Olympics talking place this summer many may have thought that London would steal Edinburgh’s spotlight, but this is certainly not going to be the case. 5000 runners are planned to run around Arthur’s seat in light suits which will showcase one of Edinburgh’s most visited tourist spots in a mesmerising visual display. There is still a chance to grab tickets at!/page/2/Overview


That is exactly what naturalist, David Attenborough, attempted to do in this clip which introduces the life of a sloth. David’s highly animated ‘BOO’ is very amusing and is met with a deadpan reaction from the creature which is half blind and deaf! This video explores the life of the lazy mammal and documents it’s weekly journey to the forest floor defecate-a trip which is left unexplained! 


 Yes that’s right there is now a TV Channel made specifically for dogs. Only available in America the canine TV channel called DogTv has been created to help dogs relax after a hard day of stick catching and hole digging, as well as stimulating and entertaining them. The idea behind the channel which costs $4.99 a month, comes from the need to keep dogs entertained when their owners are not home. Special filming and editing techniques were also used to ensure the programmes appeal to our furry friends. Wonder if they’ll have a doggie version of Eastenders or Coronation Street? 

GOLDEN PIPES (Victoria) 

I always wonder who the guys are that do the voiceovers for movie trailers and radio adverts. It’s hard to imagine what they may look like, but I generally picture a fifty year old, with a sharp suit and well coiffed hair…One of the most famous voiceover artists, Don La Fontaine died in 2008, and people are saying that a 14 year old kid from North Carolina may have a voice to rival his golden pipes.Jake Foushee looks like your regular teenage Bieber-a-like, but when he opens his mouth, wow! So unexpected. 


The Chip Shop Awards are the marketing and creative design industry’s biggest and most prestigious awards and now The Drum magazine is giving the public behind the scene’s access to the judging via a live blog. The blog updates as entries are discussed and winners are announced and also allows users the opportunity to comment. There are some great entries this year and my favourite category as always is the bad taste category – in particular the Apple Recruitment poster which simpley say’s Jobless? We’re recruiting, how they get away with it i’ll never know. Check out the live blog here” title=”Chip shop” target=”_blank”>