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Wednesdays Best Web Links

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If you’re having a hard week or are have got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning this is sure to make you smile. Who can resist a bunch of pooches with a big grin? I especially warmed to canine number 14- a lovely chocolate coloured sausage dog. He just looks genuinely happy! Must be getting a lot of doggy treats.×67


At the end of each major fashion week, you can generally pull some of the future trends out of the shows. Whether it is polka dots, florals, neons or full skirts that feature highly, you can often expect to see these trends diffusing into high street stores in the coming months.

With Paris’ Fashion Week having just ended, various galleries are popping up on the web reviewing it’s highlights, and the darn right weird. This gallery compiled by the Huffington Post looks at the latter. A prominent theme is ridiculous vision-blocking headwear, so it will be interesting to see if these monstrosities will be gracing the floors of Topshop anytime soon. None of these outfits would look out of place in Lady Gaga’s wardrobe anyway who I expect will be the sole customer.–giggles

1 FLAT 24 ROOMS (Aimee)

This clip showing how one man created 24 rooms within his pokey apartment flat in Hong is absolute genius! In Hong Kong because of the lack of space apartments are small and expensive and barely have enough room to fling a dug about but Gary Chang has been able to work with 344 sq. Ft to create the unthinkable. Watch how he uses sliding panels and walls to showcase a bedroom, kitchen, utility room into a home cinema area!!!


When you get on a flight, nowadays everyone is used to the normal procedure that the cabin crew take you through the safety precautions, offering beverages and hit you on the elbow with the trolley. However, not on this flight.In order to celebrate India’s 63rd Republic Day, staff on a Finnair flight from Helsinki to New Delhi performed the choreographed routine, which has already racked up hundreds of thousands of views. Helena Kaartinen is the flight attendant who came up with the idea and she told the New York Times she linked up with a friend who is a Bollywood teacher to develop the dance. 


Ever wondered what your animal name might be? No me neither but when I spotted this link I couldn’t help but want to find out. Don’t ask me the science behind it but we are supposed to have an inner animal so why not name it. I was surprised to discover my inner animal name ‘Fantasia the angry komodo dragon’. I think I quite like it.