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12 JUN High Five

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If belly flopping into thick mud, bobbing for pig’s feet, or testing your belch against the Deep South’s finest sounds like an appealing prospect then maybe the annual Redneck Olymp-hicks in Augusta, Georgia is for you. Described as a family tradition, and held on the banks of the Savannah River, this year’s event featured chainsaw woodcarving, monster truck racing, a hotly run contest for the biggest beer belly, and a performance from the ever colourful Bubba Sparxxx. To top things off was an appearance by the quintessential redneck status symbol, The General Lee Dodge Charger, from the original Dukes of Hazzard. If all of this doesn’t have you frantically searching for flights to next year’s event then we don’t know what will.


This weekend the mighty Rafael Nadal stormed to an emphatic win at Roland Garros to claim his eighth French Open title. Allow us to say that again: eighth. David Ferrer’s hopes were expertly dispatched in three sets by a combination of blunt force trauma and precision engineered accuracy. Nadal’s tennis needs no introduction and little explanation; it is a self evident master class in balletic poise, interspersed by howitzer blasting forearms which leave the opponent simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible great man. And as monumental as this victory is, the first player to win the title eight times, perhaps above all to be commended is his comeback from a potentially career ending patella tendon tear. He said afterwards that he never thought such a comeback was possible. We say all hail the return of the king.


For most of us, exercise is less an excuse to get our bits out than its is a vain attempt at making these bits more acceptable to get out. However, there is no denying that the computer literate and individuals of a geeky/gaming disposition, are even less keen on sweaty sport than we are. So, if you are a geek or a serious excericse-ophobe, why not check out this geek-friendly list fo fitness activities as selected by the smart and funny people at mashable. And if you’re feeling extra wild, why not swap an online gaming session for an afternoon of playing ‘the black night’ with your buddies?


With the great mysterious light in the sky finally making an appearance through the ashen skies of Scotland, do you take the necessary precautions? Do you follow the “slip-slap-slop” method of sun protection: slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, and slop on the factor 30? Or do you worship the healing powers of the sun, foregoing the precautions to top up on Vitamin D and potentially life enhancing UV rays? A 2008 study suggests that only 0.1 percent of the total global burden of disease results from excessive Ultraviolet Radiation, whereas a lack of UV exposure has been shown to increase the risk of colon, pancreatic, and prostate cancers, and low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to diabetes, arthritis, and asthma.  The risk-benefit debate continues but here at Holyrood PR we suggest playing it safe, that hot red jellyfish sting after a too long in the sun feels as good as it looks, and after all, it’s a long summer!


This week sees the London Department of Transportation joining the trend for shockversing by making a video where unsuspecting pub goers are confronted head on with the dangers of drink driving. A more hard hitting, truth confronting campaign you would be hard pressed to find, and it begs the question, is this type of ad an ingenious deterrent or a failure of conventional advertising. Governments and charities are not the only ones getting in on the act with multinationals such as Nivea and Mini also using real life shock tactic scenario’s to grasp the audience’s attention. These new ads harness the power and reach of social media, and whether or not we are nostalgic for the heyday of snappy print and TV ads, we can’t deny the power of these ads to make a serious, jump out of your skin, impact.