Web Wonders To Combat A Wet and Windy Wednesday


Web Wonders To Combat A Wet and Windy Wednesday


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What a great way to sell dental floss! Rather than your normal photo shopped images of stunning models with white teeth Colgate have done the opposite and went for gross pictures of people with stuff stuck in their teeth. The best thing about this ad is the fact that they have in fact photo shopped these people, removing random body parts such as ears and even putting extra fingers on one of the female models to see if you would notice. The only thing I did notice was the stuff in the teeth so it clearly works! 



I can’t help but laugh when social media competitions go wrong…it’s always a risk that someone will coordinate a hijacking campaign.
For example, a rather rotund balding chap from Belfast called Roland was declared the winner of Next’s ‘Make Me The Next Supermodel’ competition last year after a coordinated ‘liking’ effort was orchestrated by internet users.
And now, a Walmart competition has gone wrong at the expense of rapper Pitbull who will now have to travel to the most remote Walmart store in the U.S. to perform (Kodiak, Alaska). Writer David Thorpe of The Boston Phoenix thought it would be funny to exile the rapper to a far away place, and encouraged people to ‘like’ the store in Alaska – resulting in 70,000 likes for a city with a population of just 6,100.

http://mashable.com/2012/07/17/pitbull-is-going-to-alaska/ ​


I think people of both sexes have wondered it would be like to test out the functions of the opposite sexes’ tools for a day or two, maybe even longer!
Ah hah well the males need suffer no longer for here is a pair of vagina panties which can be yours for the bargain banging price of $128! Marketed to those who are into crossdressing or want to tranform into a shemale without the fuss and muck and the operating table but I’m pretty sure you’d feel more sexual constructing something from the supermarket deli!
Would be pretty entertaining for a night out though I must say!



Turning 94 this week, Nelson Mandela’s birthday has been commemorated with a video by Prezence Digital Production. The four minute video is a quick tour of Mandela’s timeline, told through a combination of hypothetical Facebook status updates, tweets, Instagram photos and Foursquare check-ins. It also includes actual quotes from Mandela and friends. The video, backed by the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, runs on the premise that Mandela may not have spent 27 years in captivity if social media platforms were available back then. I found this article and concept highly thought provoking so thought I’d share.



I am possibly the one of the world’s biggest Lana del Rey fans, so when I heard that she will be the new face of H&M, it made me love her even more than I thought possible. For someone not even working in fashion, she certainly has done quite well for herself, with a Mulberry bag named after her (one of my primary goals in life is to own a Mulberry as well as get that said Mulberry to be named after me… hopefully more news on that later), a Vogue cover (again, one of my life goals, watch this space…) and now, Lana has signed up to be the face of H&M’s autumn/winter ad campaign. She will even be doing a mini film for the campaign where she sings Blue Velvet as well as doing photo shoots that showcase her 60s retro housewife style. The only thing that could get me more excited than this is my own Mulberry bag. So if Mulberry Creative Director Emma Hill is reading this, a nice tan colour would suit the Alix Bag.