Web Titbits This Thursday


Web Titbits This Thursday


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I am a huge advocate of everything Swedish.  They are geniuses and everything they produce is absolutely brilliant.  Ikea.  Volvo.  Abba.  H&M. Basshunter (?)
So, when I spotted this earlier, it was no exception.
As a huge E.T fan and of most things alien related (I’m not weird I promise), I think this idea is equally as fantastic.
In a forest clearing in North West Sweden, there exists a hotel resembling a retro looking UFO which is suspended from the trees, providing a truly unique accommodation experience.
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The old adage that women are naturally bitchy, has actually been proven to be true! According to psychologist Tracy Vaillancourt women are genetically pre-programmed to bitch about other members of the same sex, in particular those who are more attractive than them. According to the research it stems from our need to find a mate and the most attractive women are most likely to find a mate which makes us look at our insecurities and use bitchiness to find flaws in others – fascinating stuff! So next time you find yourself commenting on how another woman looks, have a think about the reasons why you are doing it – you may be surprised!
Women Born Bitchy – Here’s Scientific Proof


I am one to talk about bad moustaches for movember as the office will all remember that I had a pitiful attempt at one but I am rather glad to see that Justin Bieber has also struggled at his attempt. The young pop star performed at the Today Show in New York spotting a very faint and embarrassing attempt at a moustache. This article also looks at some of the celebs who have also taken part this month. These celebs have shown young Bieber and myself how to properly grow a moustache.

Justin Bieber Baby comes growing Movember moustache


I was introduced to the photography of revolutionary photographer Diane Arbus a couple of days ago through Facebook and when I finally had time to check out her shots I was amazed.  Known as a “photographer of freaks”-a label she resented-her work displays a fresh look at characters that may have been marginalised by society or regarded as generically ugly or surreal including transvestites and circus performers.
Plagued by depression and violent mood changes, she sadly committed suicide at the age of 48 in 1971 but her work continues to permeate our modern culture with its bold and unforgettable style.
Artsy’s Diane Arbus page


As it’s the 1st of December I thought I would start the new month with a Christmas themed story. Panic has marginally crept in with the thought that only 24 days away is the day we exchange gifts with our loved ones and some of us may not have even bought one gift! I have thankfully bought ONE but have to say my palms have slightly started to clam up as I definitely need to buy for more than one person. This interesting piece on USA today examines what type of gift giver we are with five different types to relate to. I think I could be described as The Procrastinator Slacker- and no it’s not quite what the name suggests.  I am one of these people who fret about getting the perfect gift therefore it takes me ages to decide before I buy. What kind of gift giver are you?

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