We Can Install Trams So Why Can’t We Fix Roads?

Eagle Couriers Media Coverage
Jerry Stewart of Eagle Couriers has spoken to Edinburgh Evening News about the poor condition of Edinburgh's roads.

Jerry Stewart, director of Scotland’s largest courier firm, Eagle Couriers, has been featured in the Edinburgh Evening News.

In an opinion-based piece, Mr Stewart discussed the poor condition of Edinburgh’s roads and highlighted that the capital city has invested huge sums of money into funding the trams project, while road surfaces continue to worsen.

Speaking as the director of a courier firm with over 100 staff members across Scotland, Jerry was able to pinpoint facts and figures of how much damage is caused to his fleet of vans each year due to “substandard” roads.

“At Eagle Couriers, we spend £24,000 a year repairing damage to our vehicles caused directly by poor road surfaces in Edinburgh.

Broken down, that’s £300 a year per van to replace tyres, springs and shock absorbers – All down to poor maintenance on our Edinburgh roads.”

Our full press release can be read here.

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