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Want your business to be more than a small fish in a big pond? Consider a PR campaign

CALA Homes Blog

Want your business to be more than a small fish in a big pond? Consider a PR campaign

CALA Homes Blog

You don’t have to be in the big city to land big coverage, with our Edinburgh PR agency

PR Agency write blog to help businessHAS YOUR business ever worried that its stories have less chance of making the headlines if they don’t compete with the glitz and glamour of big city news?

The truths is that even major businesses worry that moving their HQ or operations out of the main urban centres might see their public profile take a dip.

It’s perhaps understandable when you consider that all of our mains newspapers, radio stations and TV channels are based in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

That means they’re bound to be biased toward stories from the cities, doesn’t it?

Nope. In fact, quite the opposite. All of our main Scottish news outlets know their audience is nationwide and strive to deliver the best stories from wherever they take place.

And when your pond is the size of Scotland, even Glasgow seems like a moderate-sized fish.

As an award winning public relations agency, we make sure it’s our job to dig out the best stories from your business – and irrespective of whether they happen in small town we ensure they get a big place in the press.

Read on to find out how we helped a luxury builder make sure its latest development in rural Perth attracted major coverage and saw it mentioned in the same breath as the most sought-after millionaires row postcodes in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Fishing for the right ‘hook’

Using our expert knowledge we can ensure our story spotting skills will find the right hook that achieves the best results.

We can turn and tweak your story into a news angle fit for release – and ready to attract national attention.

As part of our monthly meetings we ensure that every potential story is discussed and the best catches are ready to be served up for media success.

Sometimes clients might not realise the potential of their news but with our help we can aim to find the golden stories to land you the best results.

Landing a catch

PR Agency in Edinburgh promotoe housing development for CALA Homes EastWe recently helped our client CALA Homes (East) celebrate the launch of its St Mary’s development, in Perth.

What quickly emerged to us, was even though the development would be competing against luxury development with G and EH postcodes, St Mary’s in Kinnoull Hill was emerging as a hotspot in its own right.

Since CALA Homes started developing its site on the land adjacent to St Mary’s Monastery in Perth, real buzz has started to build among house hunters about the desirability of the Kinnoull Hill area.

The kind of buzz usually associated with those who dream of living in Scotland’s most affluent postcodes such as Bearsden in Glasgow (G61), Cults outside Aberdeen (AB15) and Barnton in Edinburgh (EH4).

A sea of coverage success

With our nose for a story, we quickly realised this tasty morsel of insight would be snapped up by the media, allowing the developmentScottish PR agency get coverage for luxury home builder success to be shared on a wider scale.

True to form with our expert PR help the St Mary’s development created a splash with the media helping CALA Homes (East) to land seven national press features in just under two days.

 See all the coverage achieved for CALA Homes (East) St Mary’s development 

Scotsman CALAAmong that coverage, St Mary’s in Perth scored a half page in The Press and Journal and also a fantastic feature in the Scottish Daily Express.

The luxury development also secured a double page feature in The Scotsman, attracting an approximate readership of 70,000.

That media coverage reached a huge readership to the development in exactly the right target demographic – helping position Kinnoull Hill as a must see affluent new hotspot to rival the best on offer in the big cities.

Find out how our Scottish public relations agency can help you hook positive media coverage for your business

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