Walking on Sunshine this Wednesday


Walking on Sunshine this Wednesday

High Five

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A Canadian contestant in the Miss Universe beauty pageant has been disqualified from the competition.  23 year old Jenna Talackova was kicked out of the running when organisers of the pageant discovered that she used to be male. The story has caused an uproar, especially amongst the LGBT community, with millions taking to social media sites to vent their anger.  Petitions have been set up and many say they will boycott the pageant from now on.  The official organisers have not reacted well at all.  They posted a blunt message on their website stating Jenna does not meet the requirements in order to compete, and have refused to speak to reporters.  It’s a shame to think that this kind of discrimination is still so rife in such a modern country.  I hope the pageant organisers learn from their mistakes. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/03/27/world/americas/miss-universe-transgender-contestant/

WEIRD HORSE (Victoria)

I am very easily amused so when I came across this hilarious twitter account I had to share it with you all.Twitter’s latest sensation is not some mindless celebrity but an equine delight called @weirdhorse whose blend of comedic offerings and horse speak has attracted 55,000 followers to date.His owner, @baffledfarmer also regularly chips in and comments on @weirdhorse’s exploits. The Huffington Post has managed to secure a interview with the hooved social media star in which he tells us all about his love of beans and hatred of goats (and where to purchase official Weird Horse merchandise). http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/03/28/weird-horse-twitter-interview_n_1384484.html?ref=tw


Imagine a world where you could buy chocolate just through the promise of a good deed? Anthon Berg, a famous chocolatier in Denmark has made this dream a reality for some people when they set up a shop full of chocolate treats. All customers had to do to buy the chocolates was to simply make a promise of a good deed to a friend or loved one. This clever social media campaign saw customers buying chocolates from the pop up shop by posting their promises of a good deed on Facebook. The results were surprising to say the least, more than 100,000 went through the doors of the pop up shop during the five hours it was open and the campaign received more than 150,000 Facebook feeds in 24 hours. Shows you money can’t buy a freebie…..


The popular orange coloured Scots drink has launched a series of new adverts this week, which are inspired by the irrepressible character of those north of the border. The series of thirty second adverts present a variety of tough situations, such as walking in on your middle aged mum in the middle of a threesome or coming home to find your girlfriend has turned your lad pad into a full on fluff fest and show how the Scots ability to bounce back from whatever life at them with their ‘phenomenal’ sense of humour. I’ve always like the Irn Bru ads and these latest ones definitely don’t disappoint, so make sure you watch out for them on your screens, you can also follow the links in the article below to get a wee sneaky peek! 

80’s HORROR LIVES ON (Aimee)

Imagine if the most terrifying 80’s horror film actors were alive now! Ah hah! Imagine no longer-the haunting twins who plagued the halls of the Hotel in the Shining have been brought back to life ina  project by Federico Chiesa! Ahhhh! Those two freaked me out for weeks!Other faves included are Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween.http://www.behance.net/gallery/HORROR-VACUI/3247913