Wag Your Tails For Wednesday’s High Fives

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PUPPY SHAKE (Victoria)

I’m sure you are sick of hearing the phrase, ‘Harlem Shake’ as it seems like everyone and their brother is getting involved in the action.  YouTube is swamped with different takes on the dance craze, and I thought I’d hit jackpot when I discovered a US male swim team performing in Speedos and not much else until I came across THIS.
Incredibly cute tiny white fluffy puppies bopping along to the infectious tune. I don’t think these pups are quite as talented at dancing at Pudsey, winner of Britain’s Got Talent, as it seems like it is the result of a lot of clever editing. But I don’t care; I challenge you not to smile with cuteness induced glee.

LET’S WARM UP (Annete)

February is a quiet and weird month of the year where it feels like the winter is almost over but spring has not yet come!  
If you are looking for ways to while away the cold evenings then how about working on your cooking skills, giving your skin a bit of TLC or revisit some childhood favourites like 101 Dalmatians?
BuzzFeed has compiled a handy guide full of tips for you.


Well its official, Twitter is taking over our lives! London company Lean Mean Fighting Machine has launched an experiment called LivesOn which makes a new Twitter account for you and in turn analyses your personal account for various interests and tastes. The LivesOn feed in time will begin posting social media updates for you having monitored your tweets and updates. Users help to train and grow their LivesOn account, says Dave Bedwood, creative partner at the ad agency and eventually as their tag line suggests “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting.” He continues “If we are posting all this stuff, what will happen to it? It feels evolutionary in a way, inevitable that man will use technology to somehow live on.” Do you fancy carrying on a digital legacy? Scary thought.


In Spain, Coca-Cola placed ATMs in multiple cities. The ATM is giving out free money (€100/£66) to people, but only if they say yes to what the ATM asks, even though the people receiving the money have no obligation to do so. Surprisingly in most cases people actually did what the machine said.
The ATM requested that they share the money that there are given while also giving suggestions on how to do so, once the user clicks yes to all the things that pop up on the ATM, an envelope is presented containing  €100 in it. As I said previously, people shared the money by buying things like diapers for pregnant women, basketballs and tricycles for kids.


In the past we have catered to the needs and tastes, through our dubiously selected high fives, of some of society’s most eccentric characters – those who like to dress their dogs. Today, I plan on catering to the needs of those with both spoilt pets and more often than not too much cash. From a jacket that turns your pooch into an iPod dock to a collar attachment that tweets you amusing updates as to your pet’s in-the-house-by-itself activities this list of eight gadgets is breathtaking. I wish I had a furry friend just so I could get myself in to debt purchasing it all.