Vive La Difference To Combat Aches and Pains

by Laura Berry

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Physio-ShoulderA leading physio is helping to end confusion for patients by uniting different treatment experts who traditionally compete against each other.

Kirsten Lord, founder of the Physiotherapy Centre, says many people are confused by the different types of therapy on offer and don’t know where to turn when they suffer an injury. Others are concerned that they might spend money if they go to the wrong therapist.

She said: “Physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors treat many of the same conditions but use different techniques for the same injury. Although each profession uses different skills, there are an increasing number of similarities and the number of techniques a therapist uses depends on the postgraduate courses the practitioner attends.

“The beauty of having more than one type of therapist under our roof is that the patient has access to more approaches, hence improving the effectiveness and speed of treatment.”

Kirsten has carefully assembled a team to provide a multifaceted approach, using physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and deep tissue massage. Each patient may see one or several of the team, depending on what they need. This combined approach to treatment is especially effective for people suffering from chronic pain.

“We’ve build a strong team with quality therapists and because we understand each others’ strengths, we provide a service which meets our patients exact needs. To make this happen, communication between the therapists is key- different patients respond differently even with the same presentation of problem and discussion helps us to understand the conditions inside out and what we can do to help.

“This exchange of ideas allows us to be far more focused on treatments, it allows us to share knowledge and learn from each other and provide exactly what the patient needs.”

Kirsten, a qualified chartered physiotherapist with 20 years experience, has recruited therapists who fit within this mindset- they all share a single aim – to maximise pain relief as fast as possible.  By bringing the disciplines under one roof she has created a deeper pool of talent and treatments.

She added: “The range of treatments available to a patient can seem confusing, which defeats the purpose- patients need to be guided by the experts and can’t be expected to know what they need- it is our job to make it easy for the patient, particularly when they are having difficulties or are in pain.

“All professions use hands on manual therapy and manipulation to ease pain and restore mobility to soft muscles and joints. So often a combination of two or even three therapists working on the same patient is much more effective both in time and cost than just sticking with the one. ”

The Physiotherapy Centre has two centres in Edinburgh on Henderson Row and also at Bannatynes gym on Queen Street. The Glasgow Physiotherapy Centre is located at The Connal Building on West George Street.

More information can be found on their website

Press release issued on behalf of The Physiotherapy Centre by public relations agency the Holyrood PR.


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