Why Virtual Reality is likely to be the future for live events

by Kallan Glynn

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Now there really is a technology which lets you feel like you are there – and it’s likely to be huge

Scott in front of Google Cardboard logo speaking about virtual reality

FACEBOOK boss Mark Zuckerberg says Virtual Reality is “going to change the way we live and work and communicate” and it’s easy to see why.

Over the past few months Virtual Reality has really taken off, not least with the launch of various headsets and also the growing popularity  of 360 degree videos (you can find out much more about these technologies in our recent blog post which gives an at-a-glance explanation of what these are).

I first came across this on Facebook. The video was at Anfield before a crucial Premier League match between Liverpool and Arsenal.

The camera was set down next to the corner flag in the home end and the video captured all the Liverpool fans singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. It was a magical experience because you could see the whole stadium, while hearing how loud the fans can really sing on a match night, as though you were there.

Another video that made use of the 360 video experience was at Kasabian’s gig in Brixton. The video shared on social media was of John Humphreys, the veteran BBC Radio presenter (and world’s least likely Kasabian fan) – putting on a Virtual Reality headset, to investigate what all the fuss was about.

The video shows different parts of the night, such as outside when fans were walking in to the venue and then behind the stage door, showing the band walking through the hallways to eventually being on stage with the band and experiencing the gig without having to actually be there. It was such a cool idea that it got me thinking how this could benefit everyone.

This could be a great alternative for those who may miss out on gold-dust tickets for the live event but would still like to experience it, without ever having to worry about the scourge of ticket touts.

Sure it may not be the same as physically being there, but with sell out shows becoming the norm it gives the artists a chance to tap into all of their fan base and also opens a door to make extra cash once a sell-out.


Kallan reacts to Google CardboardFind out what it was like the first time the Holyrood PR team experienced Virtual Reality, by watching a horror video, using an affordable Google Cardboard headset. The reactions will tell you just how immersive the experience can be.

If you’re unsure about Google Cardboard, watch our Director Scott Douglas explain it, in a quick and easy to understand video.

This also reduces any fans disappointment because even though they may not be physically there they still get to see their favourite band.

As someone who actually missed out on Kasabian’s last show in Edinburgh if this option had been available at the time it would have been great to have some experience of it, rather than not be there at all.

It’s the same with football matches as well. I support a Glasgow team but live in East Lothian and balancing a busy life, it’s at times difficult to factor in the time and cost to travel on top of the actual ticket cost.

Hopefully there are already many Scottish venues, events organisers and other businesses already thinking about ways to use such VR technology to benefit their customers. Those which go on to succeed with this new technology will be those who get the pricing right.

Find out why you should work with a PR agency that understands how virtual reality can work as part of the communications mix.

Virtual Reality is what is going to be used for years to come in experiential events and reporting news . It’s already started happening, so find out how you can get ahead of your competition.

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