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As a PR company we love hearing stories about how the most simplest PR ideas have worked a treat and when I read about this latest cupcake inspired stunt from The Muppets (yes apparently they do their own PR!) I couldn’t help but think – genius and feel slightly jealous that it wasn’t me who had come up with the idea! Miss Piggy Kermit and friends have been busy baking delicious character themed cupcakes and have sent them to some of the UK’s most prolific tweeters such as Stephen Fry and T4’s Jameela Jamal in a bid to promote their up and coming movie. And it worked a treat – as the majority of celebs tweeted about the fantastic cakes. A simple idea that costs buttons but has ensured valuable reach to millions of people via twitter – tidy!


Royalty as well as fashion icons, Kate and Pippa have been dominating the news since the big royal wedding last year. With their outfits being analysed on a daily basis by the fashion glitterati it wasn’t a surprise that a photographer would try and get the sisters to pose for some high fashion photographs. Artist Alison Jackson has done just that for the launch of Philip Colbert latest autumn/winter collection.  If only it were all real….   



Spontaneously thinking of setting up a new Facebook or Twitter account for your business? Step away from the social media and read this article before you make the jump! It explains that there is much more to becoming social media savvy than simply sending a few tweets. Planning a social media campaign can be a complex process, and this handy list of reasons why Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) do not work is extremely useful for ensuring that your business does not fall into the RAM trap.  Hastily created social media accounts could actually end up costing your business lots of time and money. By ensuring that your plan has taken all of these points into consideration, you can produce a successful social media campaign that demonstrates just how powerful (rather than destructive) social media can be!


If you were to say ‘Duff Beer’ to anyone I could guarantee everybody would know what you were talking about. However, if you are one of the disadvantaged few who has never been near a TV in the last 10 years and has never watched an episode of The Simpsons then you won’t be aware of the famous brand of beer that Homer Simpson drinks. Well now beer lovers and Simpson fanatics will have the chance to drink on a nice cool Duff at home.
Duff beer is set to be launched in the UK to help celebrate the incredible achievement of the hit show reaching its 500th episode. I for one will definitely buy one just to taste a Duff Beer. OH YEAH! (Reference to Duff Man) 


Three sisters have found themselves at the centre of attention in Weird Asia News for an extremely rare medical condition known as Werewolf Syndrome. With even more facial hair than my gran, these three are covered head to toe in a dense layer of unwanted hair as a consequence of the disorder. Medically known as hypertrichosis it affects just one in a billion people and there are approximately only 100 people in the world with the condition. Like with other unusual defects, for example the Indian girl born with 4 arms and legs, these three aren’t considered as reincarnated gods and are considered outcasts in the village. Check out the video clip  which details what the sisters go through to deal with the condition.