What’s around The Walled Gardens St Andrews?

Bield Housing And Care

What’s around The Walled Gardens St Andrews?

Bield Housing And Care

Drone filming Scotland captures aerial views of St Andrews

OUR very own drone filming Scotland team visited St. Andrews to help promote The Walled Gardens, for client BIELD.

In a bid to help promote the property development, our videography team deployed our drone and caught these mesmeric panoramic views of the city. As the drone completes it’s revolution we pinpoint the main attractions in St. Andrews, allowing any prospect the chance of immersing themselves into what could be their future location.

Capturing this footage from a birds-eye view gives the city a different perspective. It allows viewers to gain an understanding of where everything this. Not to mention it’s highly engaging to watch, especially as we chose to promote it on social media thereafter.

And that’s exactly what The Walled Gardens wanted. They have created these fantastic homes, but more people needed to hear about them. Tackling the usual steps, we went (up) above and beyond to make sure everyone knows about the fantastic potential that lies in St. Andrews.

Drone filming is a great way of promoting a property development to the world. Make sure you are giving yourself the greatest chance of getting as many eyeballs as possible looking at your product.

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