PR Photography captures High-end Edinburgh Dentist

Video Rolling, smile and Action


Video Rolling, smile and Action


Ex-Veteran thanks Vitaliteeth on video for life changing smile

A BRAVE squaddie who completed three tours during his military service with the Royal Scots is receiving the ultimate wedding gift – having his smile rebuilt by a team of dental experts.

Bosses at bespoke cosmetic dental practice Vitaliteeth in Edinburgh stepped in after learning Neil Raeburn, who suffers from Fibromyalgia, would be too embarrassed to smile at his big day on October 17.

Now he will get more than £8000 of state-of-the art treatment for free over the next six months, to ensure he gets photos to remember when he ties the knot with long-term partner, Kathryn, 28.

Una Moran, Relationship Manager and Patient Coordinator at Vitaliteeth, said: “When we heard Neil’s story during the case review, we didn’t hesitate.

“For a man to have served his country so selflessly to find himself in this situation is dreadful. As soon as it was brought to the attention of our team everyone agreed straight away that we wanted to help.

Our team of public relations experts, were amazed to hear this story, and knew it will have a huge impact in the media. We believed it had such potential as a local and business story, we knew that we needed to pull out the stops and capture the story on camera.

Our video and photography team met up with Neil before his preliminary treatment to ask him about his wedding, and the support he has received from the Vitaliteeth team.

How does video help your business?

What a great testimonial for Vitaliteeth. Clients who receive service that goes above and beyond and end with a product that adds real value to their lives, will more often than not have nothing but great feedback and a positive review of your business. We believe the best way to improve our clients business is to find stories like these and tell them to the world in the best way possible

If you have a client like Neil who has been wowed by your product and service, then why not reap the same benefits as Vitaliteeth and find out how video can boost your business.

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