We’re on the fairway to heaven with our drone filming Scotland skills

U.S. Kids Golf European Championship

We’re on the fairway to heaven with our drone filming Scotland skills

U.S. Kids Golf European Championship

Our drone filming Scotland team took to the skies to celebrate U.S Kids Golf European Championship 2018


THE U.S. KIDS GOLF EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP held its 2018 annual opening ceremony at Gosford House in East Lothian, Edinburgh. We decided to tee off the big occasion with our drone filming Scotland services.


Both parents and kids alike flocked to the impressive house to before kicking off their respected rounds on the large expanse of golfing green. To capture the masses of people attending this event, we brought along our drone and caught some of the action from above.

We operated the drone to fly above the crowds to reveal the impressive size of the house and its grounds. The building is surrounded by thick forest and sits on the edge of the coast, a landscape not able to be seen by the admiring attendees without the assistance of aerial technology. It was an extraordinary first view, seeing the large house in only one shot, as the drone allowed us to witness just how large the setting was for the international tournament.

You are able to see the masses of people gathering towards the building as the drone gradually closes in on Gosford House, allowing us to witness from above the popularity of the event and the size of the crowd it pulled in. Thanks to the skill of drone pilot, Seb, we managed to get a new angle of the scene that allowed us to capture many of the people in only one shot. Many kids are cheering and waving flags in support as parents talk about their love for the tournament.

The final shot has the kids waving up at the drone as the tournament comes to a close, a terrific day held at Gosford House!



The U.S Kids Golfing Tournament was off to an incredible start as kids from all over the world gathered to compete for the gold. The competitors were primed ready to tee-off but we managed to catch some time with them for their initial thoughts on the tournament. It was inspirational talking to golfers from all over the world that have travelled to Scotland to compete.

Due to the large expanse of green and the many tournaments held, we decided the best way to capture the busy setting was to bring in the help of our drone filming Scotland team.

The views from above the fields allowed us to see how far and wide this tournament stretched over the landscape, an extraordinary sight caught by the drone’s high quality camera. Hundreds of kids were ready to play, many competing simultaneously. We were able to capture their swings all at one time, giving a view that no other attendee could witness thanks to the drone.

The kids have travelled from all over the world, but all were excited to express their happiness in being part of the golfing tournament. Many could be seen from the sky, practicing their swing and competing on an impressive international level. The slow motion technique of the drone allows us to capture the amazing techniques of the golfers, and reveals to us what we often can’t see ourselves.

Thanks to the aerial shots captured by the drone, we are able to show off the golfing skills of the kids and how far they have come, despite how young they are in their quest to be the next #eurochamp.



U.S Kids Golf Championship competitors practiced their swing during the European tournament with traditional Hickory clubs at Craigielaw Golf Course, Longniddry.

Our drone captured their swings from new heights as they played over the large expanse of green, a golfing playground that we could not fully see for ourselves without the drone’s aerial technology.

The kids enjoyed playing with their new equipment, vintage golfing clubs that were originally introduced in the late 19th century, provided today by Jack White Golf Shop. Despite their antique quality, the kids of the U.S Golf Championship actually preferred them to the clubs they use today!

Maybe they’ll let them use them in next year’s tournament.

Could your next event benefit from an aerial advantage. Telling your story from the skies can add that extra dazzle that your campaign deserves. Our drone filming Scotland team are on hand, ready to take your ideas to the next level.

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