United Airlines Shares in Nosedive as Crisis PR fails


United Airlines Shares in Nosedive as Crisis PR fails


Crisis PR is fundamental to the success of any business, especially when crisis strikes

CRISIS readiness is a fundamental part of business planning. Your business could be hit by a calamity at any point. Crisis PR is key to preparing for the worst while expecting the best. 

At Holyrood PR we have worked with a wide range of clients, helping them to defuse crises and come out of the other end as positively as possible. For that reason, our director, Scott Douglas, was invited onto BBC Radio Scotland to discuss the PR crisis which engulfed United Airlines after video went viral showing a bleeding passenger being dragged off a plane by security staff.

Scott discussed the case with presenter Stephen Jardine, including the poor response from United Airlines and how that deepened the crisis through to the financial impact on the airline and what it can do to recover.

Listen to the below excerpt from BBC Radio Scotland to learn what Scott thinks they did wrong and what they could do to repair their brand image.


 width=We spotted this story as it was brewing earlier in the week when Account Executive Melissa Craib. wrote about the scale of the reputational damage to United Airlines, as well as their past brushes with the media . 

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