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The Business Threat You Wouldn’t Expect

Scottish Business Resilience Centre

The Business Threat You Wouldn’t Expect

Scottish Business Resilience Centre

Coporate Digital Security Conference successfully promoted with the use of PR video

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What do you think is the biggest threat to your business? The video team from the Holyrood PR are here to help their long-served client, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) explain, ahead of Scotland’s first Insider Threat Conference hosted by the Stirling-based innovation team.

Our team, worked closely with Deputy Director of the SBRC, Brian Gibson to help him prepare for his video debut. They aim to use the video to help promote awareness of their Insider Threat Conference that takes place at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Conference Centre in Edinburgh on February 12. As well as promoting awarness, they hope to see an increase in attendance and ticket numbers.

The conference is to tackle the staggering news that fraud in Scotland is to reach £3billion in 2015, with the offender being on company payroll.

Deputy Director of the SBRC, Brian Gibson said:

“The vast majority of people working in Scotland are professional, well motivated and honest.

But the staggering figures highlight growing evidence that companies are facing a continued threat from employees, both past and present, who seek to gain personally from their position of trust within a business.”

He goes on to explain that it can impact any business of any size and stresses that everyone should attend to be equipped with practical advice on how to prepare for this security attack.


“It’s in everyone’s best interest that we stop being complacent and work together to stop these crimes. That’s why we believe it is important for businesses and organisations to attend our Insider Threat conference.”

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Armed with these outstanding stats and figures, our in-house videographer worked with the team from SBRC to structure a short, easy to watch video that helps to communicate the key messages that businesses around Scotland, would be shocked and interested to hear and find out more by attending the event.

As you can see, the interview is only one part of a formula of components that make up this video. To keep visual interest, our videographer went further to get extra footage to break up the pace in the video, by asking the SBRC team to reenact a real-life scenario of an employee damaging the organisation they work for by stealing; and filming general views (GV’s) of the RBS Conference Centre where the Inside Threat Conference will be held.

Within two days of the shoot, SBRC had a new HD digital video, complete with graphics designed on Adobe’s leading Creative Cloud Suite, ready to upload to their YouTube channel and share across the internet, enriching their own social media strategy. And the good thing is, they now have video footage kept with the Digital team at Holyrood PR, for them to repurpose and edit into a new video whenever they want.

The Insider Threat programme has been designed to be affordable and accessible to all businesses, regardless of size. Firms can select only specific modules relevant to them, while there is an option to complete the full module package and receive full accreditation.

How can video promote your business?

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