Darth Vader feels your christmas PR – esents


Darth Vader feels your christmas PR – esents


Scottish PR agency are one with the force with more PR coverage for their clients

So who could have predicted that this week, of all weeks, our theme wouldn’t be Christmas – but let’s face it, it’s not every year a new Star Wars film comes out. Our Scottish PR agency have stood out in the media with three great stories we’ve been telling for our clients, that have earned even greater business boosting coverage.

Crowds of Christmas shoppers on Princes Street in Edinburgh

Christmas shopping – love it or loathe it, chances are you have to do it. More and more of us are opting to avoid the City Centre shops during Christmas, instead ordering online from the comfort of our own home. But shoppers are increasingly at risk of becoming the target of devastating cyber attacks from the Dark side of the internet.

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) wanted to get this Christmas warning along with a list of helpful tips on how to avoid attacks out to key press.

Our story featured in the main pages of the Scotsman, as well as its recently revamped website. This coincided with a strong showing in the National and great coverage online, including in the Daily Business Group and even reaching a Hebridean news site.

Clever Cogs (1)

Next up, the force was strong this week with innovative housing and care charity, Blackwood. And its Scottish PR agency (our team at Holyrood PR), helped grab the attention of the press when it revealed its pioneering new smart care system has been trialled successfully at its care home in Stirling.
The state-of-the-art technology, Clever Cogs, can be installed in various compatible touch screen devices and can influence everything in the home from the ability to open curtains, answer the door and switch on TVs, to ordering shopping and ensuring a constant connection with family, friends and carers.
The story flew into the press in light speed straight from the heart of , landing online on The Scotsman’s newly revamped website as well as in print the next day while it also featured in Scottish Housing News, Care and Nursing Magazine, The Scottish Business News Network, Posability Magazine and Housing Scotland Today.

Kevin Durnian of Thames water meets with new customer, Marcus Pickering, of Pickering's Gin in their Summerhall distillery, in Edinburgh.

And finally, our Jedi mind tricks worked a treat as we told the story of how Arts and Events venue Summerhall, in Edinburgh, has discovered a new way to save money – by switching water supplier to Thames Water Commercial Services.

It’s key that we get the message out to businesses that they can save by switching supplier so we were delighted when the story made the Scotsman’s new business site, the National, the Daily Business Group and was also featured on Marketing Edinburgh’s influential newsletter, resulting in overflowing coverage for our client’s business success.

Most businesses are unaware that they can switch supplier but as Yoda would say – “You must unlearn what you have learned”.

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