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Sick Kids, Cash Giveaways and Legal Eagles – A Feast of Feelgood Stories


Sick Kids, Cash Giveaways and Legal Eagles – A Feast of Feelgood Stories


Our latest lively client stories – all in a perfectly formed PR video

WELCOME to the latest instalment of Holyrood PR TV.

It’s a quick and easy-to-watch guide to the amazing projects we’ve been working on with some brilliant clients. If you want to see PR in action and understand how a positive profile helps any kind of business or organisation, then be sure to watch.

Expert Charity PR helps management team to win the name game

Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity enjoying Charity PR

MUCH LOVED Edinburgh charity the Sick Kids Friends Foundation has announced it is rebranding to the new name of Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (ECHC).

The pivotal move coincided with the decision to rename the current Royal Hospital for Sick Children – which the charity has supported for 25 years – as the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People (RHCYP) when it relocates to a new purpose-built building in early 2018, ending the association with the term ‘Sick Kids’.

Our key task was to ensure the name change on May 1 received widespread coverage and support as well as ensuring that the wider Edinburgh community understood the reasons for the switch – and crucially for the charity’s generous ambassadors to continue supporting it. Visit our media coverage report on the fantastic PR results we made by writing for traditional media, creating social media engagements and creating a host of PR Video.

 Bursary Coverage Success Leads to 129 Applications

Charity PR experts share beneficial bursary story
WHEN our client CALA Homes took the decision to launch a dedicated £10,000 community bursary for good causes and charitable groups in East Lothian, a PR campaign was called upon to drive sign-ups and raise awareness.
With just one major regional news outlet now covering the area – the widely respected East Lothian Courier – we took the decision to work towards landing a full media partnership, giving the local paper regular exclusive content in exchange for its endorsement of the bursary.
By successfully involving the paper, to the extent that its Editor, Robbie Scott, will sit in the final judging panel, we have been able to land a series of powerful articles that have had an incredible effect – driving applications well into the three figure mark.
This has been done without any other forms of marketing – highlighting how effective local newspapers and effective content can be. Make sure to follow our media coverage report to see how this story delivers benefits that impact your business.

Scottish PR Agency Spread the Word of Expanded Ace Legal Team

Philippa Cunniff Head of Family Law at Gilson Gray Legal PR communications from Holyrood PR

OFTEN the companies that we work with aren’t easily convinced of the benefits of making a noise about new team members.

In this next PR video installment, our clients, Gilson Gray, weren’t shy of shouting from the rooftops knowing their latest signing was guaranteed to turn heads.

One of the leading names in family law, Philippa Cunniff brings years of specialist experience to the table and, working with Gilson Gray, we were able to get the word out far and wide into some of the country’s most respected and widest read publications.

We love to see our clients grow and we think that others should share that experience. With carefully crafted press releases and media nous we are able to ensure that high profile hires are just that. Read up on the fantastic results that Gilson Gray are reaping from our expert PR storyelling


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