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Santa hat fun drives engagement on social media with digital PR video

Holyrood PR

Santa hat fun drives engagement on social media with digital PR video

Holyrood PR

Making the best of the festive silly season for digital PR engagement on social media


SOCIAL media is changing. What once was an under populated land of plenty and brimming with opportunity has become a much more narrow and targeted set of communities where the old ways of marketing digital just haven’t cut the mustard.

This is due, partly to the changes to how social media sites operate. Facebook for example has in an effort to make more money decided to use their mysterious algorithm as a means of ensuring that content competes to be seen, placing the importance not only in the quality of the content but in the engagement it generates. They give very little support in navigating this algorithm that means an average of 10% of a page’s audience will see the content they share on a regular basis.

One of the ways we at Holyrood PR has managed to navigate the difficulties placed on digital PR agencies is by understanding what type of content that Facebook responds to – at the moment it’s video. We decided to carry out a bit of an experiment recently on how well video content could do on Facebook and to give it a fighting chance we put a very modest sum  into promoting it (you couldn’t get a fast food meal for four with this).

What was this content? A bobbly head Santa hat game that required people on a very specific target audience that we built especially to reach key audiences to pause the video at the right moment to landthe Santa hats on the heads of our directors Scott Douglas and Raymond Notarangelo. This may sound silly, but it’s quite addictive and this type of gamified content is all the rage at the moment, with Facebook giving it added importance in their algorithm. It’s even slightly addictive, why not try for yourself?

Our team of digital PR experts are at the forefront of all things digital and can quickly put together a clear and target driven proposal together for social media activity – so it becomes not so much of a gimmick but a good way to provide a return for your business.

We posted this video last Friday and without a week passing we’ve managed some incredible numbers for such a quick turnaround (it only took 45 minutes using some of the latest video editing and graphics software).

As it stands, with an initial specifically targeted audience of around 4,000, we have reached almost 14,000 Facebook users – with the one video and have achieved over 1,400 interactions with the video game – certainly worth the total of an hour that we put into it.

We even seen a 65% increase in new visitors to our website, Holyrood PR from social media, which for the targeted audience around Scotland was pretty impressive, considering we already reach a large number of them currently. We even managed to turn the video into a gif for other platforms and seen a spike in activity across all our social media channels in a week.

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