PR Video: Find out how to make the most of motion graphics for your business


PR Video: Find out how to make the most of motion graphics for your business


Clever moving graphics can complement your video, or be a stand-alone success

FROM bringing your business logo to life to creating dynamic instructional videos, motion graphics can help to give your content that professional edge. Much like video, the possibilities are endless.

You may be more familiar with motion graphics as when ‘things move across the screen’ or when ‘words spin around in a funky way’. In reality, motion graphics do so much more than that and extend beyond the animation section of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Motion graphics aren’t always so apparent, but they are a vital video component. If a news feature appeared without lower thirds or questions from a quiz show were not presented at the bottom of the screen, you would definitely start to notice something was wrong. They are often an essential step to keep viewers on the right path and focused on the main topic.

Not only are motion graphics effective because they communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time, they are key step to ensuring accessibility. Pairing video and audio with on screen graphics and subtitles makes it easy for anyone to view your content across a variety of platforms. Social media requires video to be eye-catching and easy to follow, often without sound; motion graphics can really help combat the challenge of keeping an audience engaged.

Put simply, motion graphics make data fun. It can turn pages of information into a condensed, digestible format or bring those static instructions to life. Adding some subtle movement to pictures or animating titles can help take your video to the next level.

We recently helped Edinburgh Council produce a series of videos which demonstrate how to pay your council tax.

The first video shows how to make payments online, while tackling some frequently asked questions. To make the process as simple as possible, the online steps are laid out in an interactive walk-through. In contrast to explaining the process over the phone, the video allows viewers to work through the steps at their own pace and re-watch sections should they miss any information.

The second video runs through the different sections of a council tax bill to clarify confusions people can have when making payments. Having the bill displayed on-screen, with labels and highlighted sections helps support the explanation.

We wouldn’t give advice we wouldn’t implement ourselves. We use motion graphics regularly in our monthly round-ups to showcase our successes and share coverage in a visually dynamic way. Time the graphics up with some upbeat music and you’ll have a short, snappy video for your social channels.

If you’d like to try and utilise motion graphics more but don’t know where to start, our video team are on hand to answer all of your questions.

You can see more examples of our work by checking out our Video Gallery


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