Prodigy’s hole in one solves puzzle of how to do PR video for business

U.S. Kids Golf European Championship Blog

Prodigy’s hole in one solves puzzle of how to do PR video for business

U.S. Kids Golf European Championship Blog

Talented youngster’s outrageous putt is an online PR success story

PR video of prodigy holing putt and solving rubik's cube

FOR THOSE with kids in the family, you’ve no doubt experienced that glow of pride when wee Johnny or Jeannie does something worth crowing about.

Excellent report card? Lead part in the school show? Exam success? Sporting or musical ability? The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, so do some parents – and it can actually become extremely tiresome hearing just how wonderful someone else’s kids are supposed to be (especially on Facebook).

So let us introduce you to John William Burke – a young man whose special achievement is worth repeating over and over again.

Not only can this young golf fan hole a 30ft putt without batting an eyelid, he can also do it while solving a Rubik’s cube.  At this stage you may be doubting our word. So be sure to read on and watch the video for yourself further into this post.

If you’ve ever been frustrated on a golf course or confounded by the devilish puzzle from the 1980s then you cannot fail to be impressed by this feat. What may be equally impressive is to hear how this watchable video snippet helped deliver a valuable boost to a business – and what useful insights it could offer for a business like yours.

The Power of PR Video for Business

Video is a highly effective way to help promote your brand or event – and with a little bit of creativity it is possible to encourage your fans or customers to get involved too.

John’s “Putting ‘n’ Puzzling” video actually came about thanks to a recent PR project we undertook for the U.S. Kids Golf European Championships, held annually in East Lothian, Scotland.

In the run-up to the 2018 event – which took place from May 29-31 – we challenged contestants to submit videos of themselves holing putts, driving balls down the fairway, or doing something fun and interesting on or related to the golf course. To help with this, we provided each young participant with a simple guide on how to shoot the videos on a phone, along with a showreel of examples.

The results were fantastic – and in a short time we received  38 videos, all to an impressively high standard. Our own PR video team added the final polish and uploaded them to the client’s Facebook channel.

This highly-effective technique allowed us to demonstrate the power of well-harnessed, user-generated content and the videos proved highly engaging on social media. Just how effective? Read on for a breakdown of the figures….

PR Video

The 2018  U.S. Kids Golf European Championship has taken place in Scotland for 11 years – and Holyrood PR has been there every step of the way. Check out more stories, pictures and videos on the U.S. Kids Golf news hub.

At the time of writing these were how the stats looked:

  • 34 videos edited to add U.S. Kids Golf branding then uploaded to Facebook and Instagram
  • 43,366 video views
  • 14,000 minutes of video watched
  • 57,659 social media users reached
  • 36,059 engagements (Likes, comments, shares and clicks)

Naturally, once the tournament completed and the buzz started to fade, the figures started to level out. However, these videos are perfect examples of evergreen content – and users can still come back at any time to watch the amazing skills and talent of youngsters like John Burke, below:

Unsurprisingly, John’s video offering proved the most popular video of the campaign, racking up 3.5k views, 1.5k minutes watched, 7k people reached, 1,683 clicks and 316 reactions.

We’d heartily encourage your business to try out video projects like this for yourself. If you’d like a helping hand from tried and tested experts with plenty of creative flair, we’d be delighted to get involved. Our professional video service has offered affordable solutions to hundreds of businesses for more than a decade

Isn’t it time you were thinking about using PR video to reach further audiences and tell the story of your business?

Getting in touch costs nothing – in fact we’ll be happy to provide up to one hour of PR consultancy for free!

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