Presenter with chocolate coated brussels sprout for Holyrood PR TV episode 186 - PR video for business

Two Chocolate delights in a PR week


Two Chocolate delights in a PR week


A chocolate filled week in this week’s video by award-winning PR agency

Welcome to a very sweet toothed episode of HPR TV. In this week’s video, Winter is officially upon us and we’ve been tucking into some well earned chocolate treats to help bulk up and keep us warm during the colder months.

Sampling was very popular on the Chocolate Festival stalls.

Holyrood PR have just been involved in a genuinely yummy project to promote the Perth Chocolate Festival – a two day celebration of homemade treats inspired by imaginative chocolatiers from around the country.

But before you get too jealous, we should say there was a catch. The only chocolate we got to try was used to cover a less alluring festive staple – Brussels sprouts.

You can find what the team thought of the chocolate brussel sprouts in our taste test video here.

What was most tasty, however, was the excellent coverage achieved by this wee piece of PR sweetness. The story earned a front page and page three in the Courier, as well as featuring in the Daily Star and on the Daily Record Online and Deadline News.

Mackies of Scotland look for new Chocolate Taster

Every now and then the team at Holyrood PR like to tip our hats to the work of other professionals. We want to congratulate Mackie’s of Scotland which has been enjoying its own chocolate-flavoured success story.

We’ve been really impressed by the company’s PR campaign to find an official chocolate taster for its new chocolate factory. While the media have already featured the story, someone with a sweet tooth is about to land a dream job.

Mackies also produced a video to promote the benefits of the job which will see the lucky winner paid in … yep, you’ve guessed it, chocolate. We’d recommend you follow the link to watch the full Mackies video.

All of which gave us a perfect excuse to forget the flavours of Brussels sprouts, by testing out some of Mackie’s impressive chocolate flavours instead.

LtoR Peter McNaught and Tony Davey of RED61

There has been even more sweet success for our client Red61. The second story we have delivered successfully for the software ticketing firm is rapidly putting them well and truly on the media map.

Red61 is best known for its vital work running the box office for the largest arts festival in the world – The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Now, thanks to strong investment from Angel Investor, Par Equity, the firm will be able to implement an aggressive international and domestic growth strategy.

Our story made it into all the major online Scottish business press along with event media title – Stand Out magazine.

Red61 asked us to help them increase brand awareness in September this year. And following a short two-story, low budget, campaign we’ve now delivered coverage that has generated over 12million Opportunities to See.


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