Need a PR agency to keep your media in shape? Look no further…


Need a PR agency to keep your media in shape? Look no further…


This week’s video burst of media coverage to keep business running fit

Keeping fit is something we should all do, and that goes for how your media exposure looks too. This week’s fitness themed HPR TV proves that none of our clients needs a media work out because of all the media coverage and content we’ve been working hard for.

Holyrood PR agency in Edinburgh take on Scottish Government Marketing Team in a Mini Total Warrior Challenge

Three weeks to go until the big event in North Berwick, and our team of Total Warriors are now hurdling at full pelt towards the preparation finish line – and do they need it.

The determined Holyrood PR team have been stepping up the boxing, kettlebells and the monkey bars with personal trainer Darren from Studio EH1 to prepare the team for 12km’s of mud-laden obstacles. With obstacles with names like The Hangover, The Shocker and the cement mixer, the Holyrood PR team need all the training they can get.

Between sessions, the warriors teamed up with the Total Warrior team from the Scottish Government Marketing department to test our endurance, speed and teamwork, only to find we were evenly matched.

Although this has been partly a drive to increase fitness, most importantly every bead of sweat is shed to raise money for the SSC Summer Camps, a charity dedicated to forging fun memories and new friendships between school kids across the country.

PR agency in Edinburgh raising money for charity

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Penicuik Athletic prior to their Super league opener against Broxburn (c) Wullie Marr/HPR For pic details, contact Wullie Marr........... 07989359845

There’s nothing wrong with our client, CALA Homes (East’s) media shape with some more great coverage for the luxury homebuilder. CALA recently announced it will be continuing its vital sponsorship deal with Penicuik Athletic for another year.

The junior level club will be using the much needed funds to purchase new strips and training equipment and have high hopes for the season ahead.

The story of Penicuik Athletic’s renewed sponsorship was in a league of its own – securing print coverage in The Herald – Scotland’s Homes and the Midlothian Advertiser, as well as online on the Economic Voice, Scottish Business News Network and Penicuik Cuckoo.

25 AUG Interns9598

Kallan has come to Holyrood highly recommended by the QA Apprenticeship scheme and we look forward to him helping us hammer through the constant heavy workload while learning all about the wonderful world of PR.

Welcome to Holyrood Kallan, enjoy the ride!

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