Mackie’s Farm Captured By Drone Filming Scotland Team

Mackie's of Scotland

Mackie’s Farm Captured By Drone Filming Scotland Team

Mackie's of Scotland

From sky to scoop. Our aerial video production team captures it all

OUR drone filming Scotland team visited Mackie’s Farm to capture how they create their delicious ice cream.

The opening shot showcases a hyperlapse of their eco-friendly windfarm, closely followed by visually stunning views from the sky.

A bird’s-eye view of their solar panels can then be seen along with some cheery cows, happily grazing in their fields.

From above we see the Byre and the factory – highlighted by an animated arrow labelling the two buildings.

Flash quickly inside and you’ll see exclusive behind-the-scenes action of the ice cream being placed inside the eye-catching tubs.

Lastly, the video ends on a view looking down on to the farm surrounded by fields with the tagline ‘made from sky to scoop’.

If you’ve ever wondered where Scotland’s famous ice cream comes from, well now you know. Capturing the farm from above helps to show off the not only stunning farm but also help highlight it’s eco-friendly values.

Our drone filming Scotland team reside in Edinburgh but can travel anywhere in Scotland. In this case, we ventured all the way up north to Aberdeen to capture these sublime visuals. And by looking at the end result, you can tell that it was all worth it.

Through our drone video we were able to tell the story of Mackie’s ice-cream through a visually engaging medium.

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