Holyrood PR TV Episode 52


Holyrood PR TV Episode 52



This week Junior Account Executive brings the latest news from the Holyrood PR team featuring healing hands, a city that’s going green and a local community which is reaping the benefits from salmon farming. 

Chongsu Lee, founder of the Korean Physiotherapy Clinic in Edinburgh has featured in the Sunday Post after helping relieve MS symptoms for one of his clients thanks to his unique physiotherapy treatment. 

Elsewhere, the city of Dunfermline has launched a go green scheme which helps businesses manage their waste in a more sustainable manner and has featured in The Courier and Dunfermline Press and a range of online news sites. 

Finally, news from Meridian Salmon Group, which realeased figures which show the impact and benefits that salmon farming has brought to the local Orkney community. Regional newspaper The Orcadian ran a half page on this. 

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