Holyrood PR TV Episode 30


Holyrood PR TV Episode 30


This week’s episode of Holyrood PR TV is jam packed with lots of good stuff – including headlines, podcasts and some very interesting photo calls. 

The team have been revving up the headlines for our newest client Breeze Art Gallery and we organised a special photo call involving a vintage Harley Davidson motorbike – with coverage appearing in the Edinburgh evening News. 

Other champion coverage comes for our client Bell Ingram who are currently marketing a unique property in edinburgh, Sun Trap House. Described as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity the property secured a two page spread in the weekend’s Scotland on Sunday. 

Last week we brought you news of Edinburgh’s Telford College special event to welcome students from america whose parents had been killed or injured in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This week we can report that the event attracted yet another two page spread this time in The Scotsman. 

Keeping with the festival theme, this week we are recommending the Fest Podcast, which gives the latest reviews from some of this year’s best festival shows. 

And finally – Scott Douglas proved us all wrong this week as he was asked to provide comment on the latest fashion – well kind off. He’s not known in the office for his style but did provide a short piece for the Scotland on Sunday on the newest geek chic – a live twitter t-shirt. 

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