Holyrood PR TV Episode 17


Holyrood PR TV Episode 17



This week’s Holyrood PR TV is presented by Gaynor Daniel and brings you all the latest news from the Holyrood PR team.

We start this week with a bit of self promotion after appearing in the the industrys leading media marketing magazine online. Holyrood appeared after announcing the recent trio of client wins in U.S. kids Golf, Hair Solved and First call. Holyrood PR has worked with U.S. Kids golf over the last four years and are happy to do so again. We look forward to working with all of them to help deliver valuable PR success.

On the subject of PR success one of our clients the Korean Physiotherapy Clinic is celebrating this week after appearing in Scotland on Sunday’s Spectrum magazine. Ruth Walker, who has a regular column in the magazine went along to experience the treatments available at the clinic and wrote that the treatment was 45 minutes well spent.

In other news Search marketing agency Queryclick scored some headlines after being featured on Digital Marketing International’s newsite after commenting on the recent changes to Google’s privacy policies.

Also Edinburgh’s Telford College celebrated coverage success after news of it’s new renewable energy training centre appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News.

We are looking for keen interns to try some work experience with Holyrood PR if you are interested and this sounds a good experience for you get in touch at info@holyroodpr.co.uk.

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