Get A Reality Check With These Web Nibbles


Get A Reality Check With These Web Nibbles


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It’s been a hairy month so far in the Holyrood PR office-some mean moustaches going on showing the creative possibilities of facial hair.  But after seeing the efforts of this Japanese student, the handlebar and chops can move over.  Mayuko Kanazaw of Tama Art University created a typeface sans using nothing but a standard camera and someone’s leg hair which has been carefully positioned to look like letters of the alphabet. 

This weekend I might have to make it my mission to find a willing hair partner and try out this masterpiece.



As a Scouser myself I am not too sure how I feel about the imminent start of this new reality TV series Desperate Scousewives which will follows the lives of a handful Liverpool lads and ladies. If the trailer for the show which aired this week is anything to go by, it looks set to be an explosive one full of catfights, hair rollers and eye lashes and could become addictive viewing. The only thing which does niggle me is the possibility that the people on the show could reinforce the image of a stereo typical Scouse WAG and one of the girls on the show even describes her style as ‘Scouse Barbie’ not a look I’d recommend! Either way, I will be watching on Monday night and hoping that us Scousers come across with some dignity at least!



With our friends across the Atlantic celebrating Thanksgiving today, one can only imagine the cooking chaos that is currently occurring in most kitchens across the United States. I am perhaps a little thankful that the holiday has not managed to migrate to the UK as cooking a huge roast turkey dinner is enough stress once a year, but twice, no thank you!

The following link contains a gallery of 19 of the most hilarious Thanksgiving FAILS, in photographic and video format including cremated turkeys, silly costumes, inappropriate confectionary and accidently phallic shaped cakes.



It’s got to be tough if you’re consistently ranked as the worst international football team. You languish at the foot of the FIFA rankings and wonder when you’ll ever break your two-decade long losing streak. But for lowly American Samoa, the long wait for that elusive first win is finally over. After 30 defeats in a row – including a staggering 31-0 loss to Australia – the tiny Pacific island finally scored a dramatic 2-1 win over Tonga this week. Apparently the supporters who witnessed the little island’s glorious triumph celebrated like they’d won the World Cup. And who can blame them?



A student has found herself a YouTube sensation after a rather embarrassing video of her trapped in a clothes horse appeared on line. You might be asking how the hell she managed to do this but Danielle Morgan became stuck in the drying apparatus after she was fooling around with her friend and fell on top of it. Eventually her friends had to call the fire brigade who managed to cut her free with pliers but not before some dodgy photos found their way onto her friends Facebook pages. Thanks to the power of the internet this is one mishap she will never live down and I also have a sneaking suspicion she will look back at the video in years to come and cringe at he choice of pyjamas…