Fore! Weekly PR Video coming your way


Fore! Weekly PR Video coming your way


PR Experts follow suit of US Masters in this weeks Video coverage

This weeks golf toting episode has really got us geared up for the US Masters in Augusta this week. And while PGA Pros around the world are making birdie’s, we’re going for the albatross with the three headline leading stories we have shared to the media for our clients.

War Hero Alex

Bield Housing and Care

Milton Court Retirement Home, located in Portobello, Edinburgh, has been hugely surprised when resident, Alex Ramsay, recently received a visit from the Russian Consul General, Andrey Pritsepov. The 88 year old veteran of the Merchant Navy was awarded with the prestigious ‘Ushakov Medal’, in honour of his brave years of service during the war.

Alex joined the Arctic Convoy in 1944 and delivered vital supplies to the Soviet Union during their battle at the western front. This legendary moment was celebrated by the whole staff at Milton Court, which organized a great party in this occasion.


CALA Homes

Luxury property development CALA Homes East are the stars of the Sunday nationals after appearing in threes separate titles in the same day. CALA’s St Mary’s development in Perth was featured in the Sunday Times property section, as well as in the Sunday Herald. In addition to these recent triumphs, CALA’s Fairmilehead overwhelmed media after selling six of its gorgeous homes in less than 48 hours. This victory was reported in the Sunday Mail.

Popular names. care homes, 25, March, 2015

BUPA Care Services

Bupa Care Services caught the media’s attention after issuing interesting research highlighting the changing trends of names. The study focused on 27 Bupa care homes located across Scotland, reporting the most popular first names among its tenants. The result of this study show that most common names of its service users are Mary and John, followed by Abraham, Euphemia, Gertrude, Williamina and Magdelena. This changes drastically with last year’s most popular names; Emily and Jack. Find out how other name trends compare in the full release.


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